Friday, September 2, 2016


Sedia Payung, Siang Hari Jakarta Hujan Lebat  

Recently, the air was good, cool entered September.   May inhaled cool weather without air condition on. The cool air fresh and clean, good for our lung. Be ready an umbrella. Enter the shopping malls or offices, boys laugh for rental umbrella. No rate, just give them as you wish. But they look happy earned some money in the season.

Kids Umbrella rental

Jakarta would be flooding ?? Don't worry, it was history, over about 3 - 4 years ago. Mr. Ahok, the Governor working very hard. Minimized the flood. In some part of the capital still faced flooding. But in the most parts were no more flooding.
Remembered 5 - 10 years back, my family must refuge to my son house in outer Jakarta for about 4 days to a week. The flood entered our floor 20 cm. The water tank, full of dirty water. 

Genangan air di Tosari arah Bundaran HI ( foto: twitter TMC Polda Metro Jaya)

Who else happy for rainy season ?. Yes, the farmers. Rice, vegetables and fruit over our tables provided by them. Let them enjoy their harvest.
Some time flood also hit their rice fields. But not all rice fields across the country.

So be grateful and enjoy the rainy season. Enjoy the wet season.
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