Monday, May 30, 2016


Wherever we go, we should a just our self to local, place and environment where we come, lived or interaction. When we visit a space, building or rooms that we need silence, we should follow the common ethic.

When have lunch today in open cafe in a Hospital in North Jakarta, seated next to our table 2 man, 1 woman and a kid. One man in standing position speak loudly while his friend seated have lunch too. They are Indian, speak English, indicated that one or all of them were not Indonesian citizen. Might be foreigner executives or business man.

The problem is why they speak loudly in the cafe inside the hospital that should be behave accordingly. Patients need a silence or calm situation who some have lunch in the same space.
I try to remind them by looking directly toward them by turn my head and open eyes bigger than normal, but he didn't care.

I try to understand back ground of Indian culture who might be are common speak loud in any places. Sorry if I am wrong. I urge everyone to honor local culture or places that we should behave accordingly.

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Friday, May 27, 2016



Lake Toba festival done yearly basis. This year 2016 will start from 9 - 12 September . We expect new arrangement this time organized by a new body set up by the new Government especially by a new Tourism minister. The recently the new body, Toba lake authority managed all tourist activities in this lake. Province authority and local  Governments no longer deal with Toba lake tourism.

Minggu Depan, Festival Danau Toba Segera Digelar
Toba lake, photo by Tia Agnes Astuti/d'Traveler

All local Government around Toba lake, Simalungun, Tobasa, Samosir, North Tapanuli and other local Government will perform their own cultural performances differ one to another. Boat (Solu bolon) competition will perform as well. Music, singing, Tortor dancing competition, one of the best in the country will entertain our ears. There are Ulos, Batak traditional scraft, geopark festival and traditional performance and many more.

To reach this destination, no longer take 4 - 5 hours from Kuala Namu airport but just one hour from new airport, Silangit in Siborongborong town. Tourist from beyond Jakarta should fly to Jakarta first then take another flight to Silangit. Tourist from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, should stop over in Kuala Namu, Medan airport before forward to Silangit.

A lot of star Hotel in Parapat town nor in Samosir island, in the middle of the lake with reasonable rate. You may take public ships in Parapat town with regular schedule or charter boat to the island.

I wouldn't comment anymore about the beauty of the lake, had been well known to the World including the music and the songs.

Welcome to Toba lake. Please note the date 9 - 12 September 2016

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Tetes tetes gerimis
Tak kuasa melembutkan hati yang kelu
Dibilik temaram penuh kenangan
Bersamamu pariban

Namun aku tak akan lelah
Menunggu di bangku di simpang tiga
Karena gitar tak bernyawa
Tanpa desahmu dan lagu kita

Malam minggu berdansa berpegangan,
hingga larut malam
Aroma parfumnya terhirup dalam
Hingga bermimpi berdansa tanpa kaki

Over a roar river, I whispered
Turn her head, cheek meet cheek
Close her eyes, not seeing my lips
Free my hand off the wheel

Thursday, May 26, 2016


istana negara baru
Meredeka palace, Jakarta

In the end of 2014, one and half years ago soon after President election was over, the political parties in Indonesia divided in to two groups. The first group were Coalition of KIH*) belong to the ruling party along with its ally. The opponent were coalition of KMP*) under Golkar and its ally.

In short period of time, PAN, a Moslem party leaving KMP and joint the first group after elected a new party leader. The old party leader was former Vice President candidate, Mr.Hatta Rajasa who couple with Prabowo Subiyanto competitor of recent President Jokowidodo - Jusuf Kalla.
Mr. Hatta Rajasa was brother in law of former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

The other party, a Moslem party, PPP jointed the first group too after its leader put in jail of corruption case. He was former Religious minister under Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

The last party, Golkar jointed the ruling party, the first group after two fractions held National special meeting late May 2016 and announced will back up the Government completely. Golkar new elected leader is Setya Novanto, who conflicted with  President Jokowi - Jusuf Kalla when Setya Novanto taped used President's name illegally in share division plan of P.T.Freeport, giant American gold mining company in Papua island.

Now the second Group, KMP leaved only 2 parties, Gerindra and PKS after the 3 paries jointed the ruling party group.  Gerindra was under former army General Prabowo Subiyanto, son in law of former 2nd President Soeharto. While PKS was a Moslem party, a tough critical, mostly younger generation members.

Recently ruling party group become bigger and bigger to support the Government under President Jokowi - Jusuf Kalla. Just in 1 and half year, political climate more conducive to pursue the Government programs. Parliament members would easily under control of the Government. In this circumtance, Indonesian politic climate more conducive, under control.

The interesting to pay attention, among other thing is a political motto : "No eternal enemies except eternal opportunities". The question is why the 2nd big party in the country, Golkar party change their mind jointed the ruling party ? The answer is the opportunities lay ahead. The new Government concentrated the programs to build huge Infrastructure included tool roads, rail ways, harbors, shipping, dams. Golkar, PAN and PPP wish to get the opportunities involved in such huge project all over the country.

They approached the Government if possible got the opportunities to be a Cabinet member too in order to get the opportunities easier. But Jokowi kept silence, no words of Cabinet reshuffle in the near future. He appreciated the 1st group, KIH who back up him in the first place.

The other interesting to know are that Coordinator Minister Luhut Panjaitan, who very close to Jokowi backed up Setya Novanto became Golkar party compete with his competitor, the House speaker who backed up by Vice President. Both of them, Luhut Panjaitan and Jusuf Kalla was former high officials of Golkar party too.

Meanwhile Luhut Panjaitan and Setya Novanto, a new Golkar leader was mentioned many times in FREEPORT mining company share case. In this case President very upset about Setya Novanto who used his name illegally in share division. Citizen then confused about this matter, The case not yet clear up until today even the case handle by Supreme prosecutor general.

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*) KIH, Koalisi Indonesia Hebt. KMP, Koalisi Merah Putih


Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I paid special attention to on line bike drivers in Jakarta city, Indonesia capital. They served many kinds of services, make life easier, convenient and cheaper. They were served not only passengers but also good/documents and food delivery. The cost are cheaper with or without the tip.

That was why not so long time ago the taxi drivers organized big demonstration against Grab and Uber taxis and on line Bikes as well. On line bikes steal their customers.Some on line bike drivers got injures.

The number of Gojek and Grab bikes grow fast not only in the capital city but in many big cities as well like Medan, Bandung, Yogjakarta, Surabaya city etc. The impact was good for economy  created new jobs with less education. Also decrease the cost of transportation especially for middle and lower class of citizen.

Not as Grab bike application that developed abroad, Gojek application was Indonesia origin and not for foreign usage. This business grow very fast beyond expectation of the developer.

For tourist who visit Indonesia, please try this vehicles around the city, see for yourself how the people live and interact with them. Don't worry everything will be Ok, safe. See beyond your hotel room. Unforgettable memories.

One thing need to be train to the drivers, please do not watch the phone while driving as used to be to find the address. Please take a rest, stop for a while if you want to see the address you want to find.  It may endanger yourself and other too.

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