Monday, November 21, 2016


Kota Tarutung

Wilayah Tapanuli sejak kemerdekaan dipimpin seorang Residen Indonesia pertama yaitu Dr. Ferdinand Lumban Tobing yang berkedudukan dikotapraja Sibolga, tidak jauh dari sekolah SMEP.

Kabupaten Tapanuli  asalnya hanya terdiri dari 4 Daerah Tingkat dua yaitu:1 Kotapraja Sibolga dan 3 Kabupaten yaitu Tapanuli Utara (Kabupaten Batak), Kabupaten Tapanuli Tengah dan Selatan.
Jika penduduk Kabupaten Tapanuli Utara mayoritas adalah Batak Toba yang beragama Kristen, sedang penduduk Tapanuli Tengah hampir fifty fifty, sedangkan penduduk Tapanuli Selatan mayoritasnya adalah suku Batak Mandailing dan mayoritas beragama Islam.

Di zaman Belanda Kabupaten Tapanuli Utara disebut Kabupaten Batak, tetapi karena ada beberapa etnis Batak seperi Toba, Mandailing, Karo dan Simalungun, maka sebutan Kabupaten diganti dengan Tapanuli Utara.

Kini dengan  sejak Reformasi dengan konsep Otonomi Daerah bermunculan Daerah Tingkat II baru sehingga Tapanuli berubah menjadi  7 Kabupaten dan 2 Kotamadya. Tentu latar belakang pembentukan Dati II itu adalah karena potensi Daerah yang bisa menghidupi daerah tersebut. Hanya Kabupaten Tapanuli Tengah yang miskin sumer daya alam tidak terjadi pemekaran. Hanya Ibukota Kabupaten dipindahkan dari kota Sibolga ke kota yang baru, Pandan, 10 klometer disebelah Selatan Sibolga. Dulu terkenal pantai Pandan nan indah dengan Ikan bagar, dari ikan segar, tangkapan baru.

Kabupaten baru pemekaran Kabupaten Tapanuli Selatan ada  4 yaitu Kotamadya Padangidempuan, Kabupaten Mandailing Natal, Padang Lawas dan Padang Lawas Utara.
Sedang pemekaran Tapanuli Utara ada 3 Kabupaten baru yaitu Toba Samosir, Samosir dan Humbang Hasundutan.
Apakah dengan pemekaran daerah, rakyat tambah sejahtera ?. Tentu masih jauh dari harapan. Kotamadya dan Kabupaten baru beserta DPRD sibuk berpolitik untuk meraih kekuasaan dan kesejahteraan rakyat hanyalah sebagai obyek kampanye saja.

Walau Kotamadya Sibolga, beragam warna suku dan rasnya namun kota ini sangat tentram dan damai. Suku dan ras yang ada ialah suku Batak, Minang, Nias, Jawa, Sunda, Aceh, Tionghoa, Arab  dan lain lain. Jadi sudah kawin main antar suku dan Agama memperkuat kohesi  multi etnis.
Percakapan sehari hari di pasar kota Sibolga tidak menggunakan bahasa Indonesia tetapi menggunakan bahasa khas mirip bahasa Minang pesisir.  Misalnya : “Kamu mau kemana?”, disebut “Nak kamano muna”.  “Bara”, maksunya “Berapa ?”. Dan sebagainya.
Kotamadya  Sibolga menjadi contoh sebagai ”Indonesia mini” yang damai karena saling hormat menghormati. Tidak pernah terjadi keributan yang bernuansaSARA.
Memang kota Sibolga terletak diteluk yang indah dan aman dari ancaman Tsunami karena Teluk ini dilindungi oleh pulau Mursala dan pulau Poncan di mulut Teluk. Sehingga amukan tsunami  tahun 2000 yang meluluh lantakan pulau Nias disebelah Barat dan Aceh tidak ikut menghancurkan kota Sibolga dan Kabupaten Tapanuli Tengah.

Friday, September 30, 2016


Ribuaan Orang Padati Sosialisasi Tax Amnesty
In line tax payers

Tax Amnesty
Crowded tax payers to be served

In spite of World economic growth tend to slower, Indonesia economic growth still going strong after China and India above 5% in 2016. This positive outlook can happened as the effect of successful of Tax Amnesty program that begin since July 2016.

Public crowded Tax offices took long line to follow the program especially in the last month of September 2016, the end of 1st stage.
This successful amnesty program indicates that there exists a high degree of trust among the Indonesian population in the current Government. Perhaps also the appointment of Sri Mulyani Indrawati, a highly respected technocrat who previously served as managing director at the World Bank for six years, as Indonesia's Finance Minister(the 37th Influence Women in the World)

Indonesia's tax amnesty program in 2016/2017 is already more successful compared to similar programs in Italy (2009), Chile (2015), Spain (2012), South Africa (2003), Australia (2014) and Ireland (1993).
Up to 11:00 pm local Jakarta time on Wednesday (28/09), the government had collected IDR 84.6 trillion (approx. USD $6.5 billion) in additional tax money under the amnesty program, or roughly 51 percent of its target (IDR 165 trillion).
Meanwhile, some 8,500 new taxpayers have been added to the database of Indonesia's Tax Office since the launch of the program in July 2016.

We expect that this program will reach the target until the 2nd and 3rd phase, March 2017. The funds collected will support the Economic program, increase tax ratio and stronger Indonesia's currency, Rupiah.

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Agus and wife in local Jakarta design

Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono family

Surprised to wait in the last minute, in injury time, Friday, September 23, 2016, Democrat party leaded by former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono along with 3 party coalitions, agreed to nominate Mr. Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono as Jakarta Governor's candidate competed with 2 others candidates couple.

Why was so surprised ?. Because, first, Agus H. Yudhoyono is the oldest son of former President. Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Second, he was a military, had to early retired from the military as a major, senior officers range in the military. He was relatively young, 38 years old.
Third, Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono, known as a very careful President in made a decision but this time he made a very fast decision, since he was a Strategic mind army general.

Nothing wrong he switched profession from military (for 16 years) became a politician as his little brother, Ibas. He will serve the country through Government official.

February 2017 is the election day for Jakarta capital Governor. If he win, open the opportunity for him to joint President election soon, 2 years later in November 2019. But if he loose in the Governor election is not a big problem when his name recently entered Nation level leaders of the country.

In the case he loose President election in year 2019 then he may try again 5 years later in 2024 when he is still young, 45 years old when he gain a lot of experiences in National politic arena.

Jakarta Governor election this period followed by 3 young couple leaders. One incumbent Mr. Basuki Tjahaya Purnama and Jarot. Second former Minister Anies Baswedan and Mr.Sandy Uno, an successful  business man. The 3rd. Agus H.Judhoyono and Mrs.Silvia Murni, former Jakarta Deputy Governor.

This period Governor election in 2017 gave Jakarta citizen many candidates to vote of potential young leaders and became prototype for all regions across the country

The 3 couples selected the best leaders n the country by 3 party coalitions.
The 1st coalition of 4 parties leaded by former 5th President Megawaty Soekarno Putri, daughter of the 1st President Soekarno.
2nd coalition of 2 parties leaded by former President candidate, General army Prabowo Subiyanto, son in law of 2nd President Soeharto.
3rd coalition of 4 parties leaded by former 6th President Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Monday, September 19, 2016


                                                         San Yoo Ra, Korean

Image result for north europe map

Sasha Stevenson, Canada
                                                               The four of them

You can't love what you don't know. I wouldn't married some one I never know.
You are right, in some cultures girls married to a man, chosen  by parent. It was an exception, right.

Last Friday September 16, 2016 I was stunned to watch a TV program in Jakarta, named Kick Andy.
Andy, the host interviewed 3 foreign girls from Iceland (Estonia), Canada and Korea and an Italian man. They all fluent speak Indonesian language with their origin accent. They look happy and funny.

South Korean girl learn doing business with her auntie in Bali when she was in junior high school and her love to Indonesia she saw it in You tube video and made her name famous in Indonesia.
She speak Indonesia fluent and funny as well. He intend to be Indonesian citizen later because she like Indonesia boys way to approach slowly, kindly. Not like Korean boys who tend to spoke directly if likes a girl.

Canadian girl and Italian man fall in love with Indonesian and got married. The Korean girl and Iceland still single recently. 

A Canadian girls, Sasa Stevenson is English teacher for 1 year period since 2001. Then she thought extend 1 more year to learn Indonesia language. Ultimately in the fourth year she fall in love with Indonesia along with her Indonesian husband.
She loved to stay because Indonesia is a free country. If a family shortage of money, just cook porridge push a cart and going around without a permit from the local Government. In Canada you couldn't do that without various permits. She challenged and learn every day to different culture instead of married Canadian man with similar culture.

Based on her experiences of Indonesian life, she created lots of videos that posted in you tube, watched by 400.000 visitors, she became well known.

An Iceland girl photographer spend 1 year study about Indonesia in Solo city, Central Java then visited some regions like Bali and Sumatra. She hitched a truck from Solo, Central Java to Aceh in the tip of North Sumatra. Back again to Solo by a truck for free. She never scare of anything, including stayed 3 nights in the jungle with nomaden people in Jambi in Central Sumatra.

She jointed Balinese ritual too when she stayed in Bali island. She loves Indonesia as a small World that she can speak one language all across 17.000 islands. Not like Europe that spoke different languages in every single country. She spend 2 months holiday every year in hot climate, Indonesia leaved her cold country that some time minus 30 degree.

An Italian photographer love to shoot villages in West Java as original Indonesia. He hope the villages environment should keep it as original. Because it is Indonesia, not modern building.
She loves Sunda songs, West Java songs and able to sing it and knew the well known Sunda singers.

What the most he loves about Indonesian people are very very calm not like his attitude, always in anger mood. His Sunda wife teach him how to behave calm. "If you are in temper, just say Astagafirullah", his wife said.

So love your country more then foreigners love Indonesia.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Sebuah helikopter melakukan pemadaman api di kawasan hutan di Ogan Ilir, Sumatera Selatan  (1/8/2015). (AFP PHOTO/ABDUL Qodir)

Kebakaran hutan dan lahan di Kalimantan Barat. ( AMP)

Dream of my childhood, 50 years ago, when we set fire intentionally on about a hectare field in the hill away from the villages in order to planted rice seed. We were aware of fire the neighborgh fields, we were ready to put it off the fire at the borders of others fields by simple way just hit the fire by green leafs.So the fire located in our land only.

I was dream of the fire after watching the TV news who saw thick smoke over hundred hectares of the fields for new palm oil plantation in Riau province, South of Sumatra. The fields belong to the local farmers and the companies as well.

I wonder why the farmers and the companies still used the very old system as we did, not using machines to clear up the fields. Yes, the cheapest and the fastest way is to set fire but the consequences are the tick smoke reach neighborgh countries and the healthy of local people 

I wonder why the fire break years by years, made Singapore and Malalaysia complain. President and Police head and Forestry minister from Jakarta had visited the location but the fire break again and again. Government suspected that the fire intentionally set by the local farmers and the companies.

The police ought to investigate more details to proof who was responsible of the fires. Punish the doers so it wouldn't be happened again later.

I beg to the farmers, the companies and the polices please don't think your own interest but think over the local people and ashamed of Singapore and Malaysia.