Tuesday, February 2, 2016


This year 2016, Antonia Jones, 17 year would be graduated from Jakarta Senior high school  and hunting what Universities should be apply at. Her school group went to Bandung, West Java and Karawaci, out skirt of Jakarta to see some Universities there. She also went to Education fair in Jakarta many University from over seas and local offer variety of faculties.

Even Senior high school not yet graduated in 2016 but many private Universities held admit tests while State Universities keep waiting until graduation some time in June 2016.
Antonia had passed test in Atmajaya University, a good one in Industrial technique faculty and entry fee paid accordingly.

After graduation in June 2016, Antonia will admit to one State University, either in Jakarta or in Bandung, West Java. If she passed the test in State University then entry fee from private University could reimburse but not 100% just 75%. It was unfair system in Indonesia education.

For long she intend to be enter Flying school either in Indonesia or in Florida, USA since she was born in Los Angeles. But the fee to be a pilot very costly. In Bali island, in Curug, Tangerang city about Rp 600 million equivalent to US$ 42.853 almost the same in Florida.

Her mom, a single parent can't afford such high cost. We are, her grandpa might be help if our property sold later if economic situation get better then recently, oil price down under $ 30,/barrel, China economic went down and The Fed, US Central Bank would rise the interest rate.

I encourage her to study first in University hopefully her dream to be a pilot may come true later even after she graduated from University. Hopefully.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Plan to visit amazing tourist destination in Indonesia ? Welcome, you may apply only for one hour, the permit will be done. For the time being (2015) Government open for 18 (eighteen) ports :


Saman dance, Aceh

1. Close to Singapore : Bandar Bintan Telani and
2. Tanjung Pandan
3. Benoa, Bali
4. Jakarta : Marina Ancol and Sunda Kelapa
5. North Sumatra : Banda Aceh and
6. Belawan, Medan
7. Teluk Bayur, Padang, West Sumatra.
8. Nongsa point Marina

Bali Dancers


Whale hunting in Alor island

Komodo dragon

9. Tenau, Kupang, Timor island
10. Kumai
11. Tarakan
12. Nunukan, Kalimantan/Borneo island
13. Bitung, Sulawesi/Celebes island
14. Ambon
15. Saumlaki
16. Tual
17. Sorong, Papua island
18. Biak

After got clearance, you may explore amazing panorama, snorkeling, surfing and sight seeing in another spots in the same province.  Got clearance in Tenau, Kupang, you may explore and watch traditional whale hunting, watch komodo dragon in the same province, Nusa Tenggara province, East of Bali island.

Extension of  stay permit may apply in Immigration offices nearer to the ports you harbored not necessarily sail far away to the capital.

One thing to remember that as long you stay, the Yachts  not allowed to be rented

Welcome to Wonderful Indonesia

Monday, January 25, 2016


JINGGA SENJA: JAKARTA - BANDUNG BULLET TRAIN, THE 1ST IN ASEAN C...: Thursday morning, January 12, 2016 President Republic Indonesia, Jokowi groundbreaking development of bullet train connected 2 big citie...


Thursday morning, January 12, 2016 President Republic Indonesia, Jokowi groundbreaking development of bullet train connected 2 big cities in Java island, Jakarta, capital - Bandung, West Java, 140,9 kilometers. The distance would take 35 minutes, 350 km/hour and carry 583 passengers. The train  projected will carry 600.000 passengers a day. The fare Rp 225.000 equivalent US $ 16

The development will take 3 years and projected finished in 2018 and begin operation in the next year, 2019, the President period is over. The bidding between Japan and Chinese, won by Chinese without any guarantee from Indonesian Government, cost US.$ 5,573 millions. The budget not financed by National budget but 75% from China development Bank loan and the rest, 25% from the Consortium, since National budget will used for Infrastructure development out of Java island, like Sulawesi, Sumatra, Papua island etc.

The project will develop by a new company owned by both sides Consortium of China Railways and Indonesian Own Companies name P.P. Kereta Cepat Indonesia - China.

The train's aim are to accelerate passengers  and goods between West Java and the capital. In West Java lots of textile products that buyers came from abroad like Malaysia and Arab countries. Bandung also build plane made in Indonesia and other products beside Bandung city offer a lots of tourist destinations.

The bullet train will not go through existing rail way but will be build in the new line, from Halim Perdanakusuma, in East Jakarta until to Tegal luar, Bandung pass 4 new stations become the new cities in the near future

Many questioning why developed bullet training in Java island again who had been available existing good train system. Why didn't develop out side of Java island. Also questioning about Environment appraisal done so quickly. For safety reason Environment take years to be completed.


Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Vera and Tini

A friend in need is friend indeed
The commercial debt may paid off late, but kindness of a friend was life time debt. We may help some friends in need but not hoping they pay back later direct from them but from some one else we may never met, didn't know. May God sent an angle in the form of human help us on time when we need help.

In the end of 2015 my big family of 14 members took 5 days holiday to Jogjakarta city, Central Java, Indonesia. Before leaving Jakarta, the capital, my oldest daughter, dr Vera Situmeang called her best friend, dr.Tini who lived in Magelang city, 60 - 90 minutes away in the North to asked for rental a mini bus. Tini agreed and had a friend, rent a car company. Thinking of 3 elders in my family who unable to step up the bus, Tini added up one Innova, MPV car instead. MPV car shorter then bus.

Vera said :"The bus cost will be share with my 2 siblings". Tini answered :" Don't worry Vera,  I will pay the bills. Just give the tip for 2 drivers".
When we visited tourist destination in peak season, crowded visitors, two military soldiers escorted our cars nearest to Borobudur temple, an amazing wonders in the World, prohibited parking for public cars.

Not only paid for the bus bills, Tini treated us abundantly, either much foods and drinks in her house in the afternoon, also served us dinner in Benoa restaurant in the evening, ordered too much foods and drinks. Even when we back home she presented special gifts to carry back to Jakarta.

My daughter Vera Situmeang then told the story to our group about their true friendship back 25 years ago when they studied in Medical school in Universitas Kristen Indonesia, Jakarta. Tini often spent the nights at our home and knew all my family members well. Some time Tini, original Ambon and Moslem, borrowed money from Vera. Vera monthly pocket money paid her tuition fee and treated her lunch many times. Tini wouldn't forget Vera kindness and recently the time to paid back, even we didn't expect it.

When they were in med school, Tini joined a military training especially for students done in the next building of their school and met a military trainer then became her husband.
We didn't know recently her husband were military commander in Magelang city, a Colonel. Even he was a high hierarchy in military, he always humble, treated us kindly and pay respect to us, Vera's family. I thoughtTini told story about her true friend Vera and her family who help Tini when she were in need.
This month he will join SESKO ABRI, highest training in military education. After graduated 10 months later, he automatically will promoted to be a Brigadir General, next year.

That is why, be kind and help others in need you will be blessed accordingly, not always direct by them but might be someone else you never knew, never met.