Friday, June 24, 2016


 BOE will ‘take all necessary steps’ following ‘Brexit’ vote

Not only UK and EU watching the reaction or the effect of UK leave EU but also the rest of the World including us in Indonesia especially the effect to the currency and shares market. The vote result are 52 : 48% to leave EU after 43 years as a member of EU.

Shares price in the morning in Europe market all fall down vary from about 6 - 9% and Pound Sterling fall down to about 9 %. Governor of Bank of England have statement to calm down the market that he would flood the financial market and take necessary measures to calm down the stability of financial market. Asian market fall down sharply as well after UK leave UE.

Result of referendum to leave EU urge UK Prime minister, David Cameron to resign today because he opted remain in Europe Union. Ultimately  he step down. By UK out of UE, the member remain 27. Many analysis that some EU members will follow UK step out from EU.

So many Europe leaders expected that UK will remain in Europe Union but reality reverse the result, citizen of United Kingdom preferred to leave UK. We knew President Obama, US Chief of Federal reserve, Ellen and George Soros urged UK not leaving EU with the negative effect of leaving EU.

Look forward weeks, months, years the effect of  UK referendum to EU members countries and the rest of the World. UK citizen wish UK independent to rule the country as a strong country in the World.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016


The Charles tugboat
                                 Charles vessel

In short period of time Abu Sayyaf rebels in Sulu island hijacked again for the third time Indonesia vessels in 2016. They asked for ransom to release the sailors and treated to head off if deny to pay. The two hijacked release after the ship owner pay the ransom.
It is confusing why Indonesia's vessels to be the target since the rebels and the sailors are the same religion, Moslem. Two of the sailors named Muhammad.

We do hope under the new Government under President Duerte the rebels and the criminals in the Philippines will be executed to death, so the relation between the neighbour countries more closer.

An Indonesian vessel with 13 Indonesian crew was reportedly hijacked in North Borneo – Philippines border area, date of hijack unknown. Wife of one of the crew said to media, that she received a phone call from her husband on June 22. Vessel left Sanga-sanga, Samarinda, east Kalimantan, on June 5. According to her statement, the vessel CHARLES, was hijacked by Abu Sayyaf militants, 8 of the crew were taken to unnamed island, 7 remain on board. Hijacked vessel confirmed as a tug CHARLES carry coal to The Philippines

"Relevant institutions in Indonesia are probing the situation to confirm the news, as well as looking for supporting evidence," Wibanarto Eugenius, minister counsellor at the Indonesian Embassy in Manila, told The Jakarta Post on Thursday.  

Wibanarto said in the case of a kidnapping, the perpetrators would usually contact the shipping company after the crewmen had been safely relocated. "So far, this has not happened," he said. However, Wibanarto cited that communication could often be problematic when the group was still on the move. He asserted that the government would continue to look into the issue. 

Meanwhile, the Post's source also confirmed that the kidnappers were members of the same network that hijacked the Brahma 12 tugboat in March, under the leader of Tawing Humair.   
Authorities at the Samarinda Port, where the boat departed from on June 4, confirmed the hostage situation. Col. Yus Kusmany would not identify the perpetrators but said the police and military were investigating further.  

News of another kidnapping near the Sulu waters in the southern Philippines caught media attention on Wednesday night when the wife of a sailor aboard the Charles tugboat conveyed her husband’s condition.
The sailor, one of 13 men aboard, had reportedly contacted his wife to say that the boat had been taken hostage by a faction of the Abu Sayyaf militant group.
Seven men were taken from the boat while the remaining six were set free.

The kidnappers have reportedly asked for a ransom of RM 20million for the release of the hostages.
This is the third incident in recent months involving the kidnapping of Indonesian sailors by the Abu Sayyaf group. The southern Philippine waters borders with the Sulawesi Sea in North Kalimantan.
The area is known as the “new Somalia” for the spate of kidnappings and pirate attacks involving terrorist group Abu Sayyaf. The waterways are part of main sailing track for cargo ships in the region.

Separately, Samarinda Mayor Syaharie Jaang met executives of the company that owns the boat, Rusianto Bersaudara, and attempted to contact the kidnappers. The communication was hampered by a language barrier since the kidnappers could only speak Tagalog.

Below are names of the TB Charles crewmen kidnapped in Philippine waters, as released by the company:
1. Ferry Arifin (captain)
2. M. Mahbrur Dahri
3. Edi Suryono
4. Ismail
5. M.Nasir
6. M.Sofyan
7. Robin Piter

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Bogor palace, West Java
Proyek Jalan Tol Mangkrak, Presiden Jokowi : Kita Ambil Alih
President Jokowi inspect toll road development

Live the life simple of President Joko widodo and family made him more loved and honored by Indonesian and become a model for high officials in the country. He has no home in the capital city, Jakarta but in his home town, Solo, Central Java. He preferred lived in Government palace in Jakarta and Bogor, outskirt of Jakarta.

His official shirts are simple loose white shirt out of black pant without tie or wear Batik, traditional shirt. Never wear well known high class, foreign products. Many minister copied his way of simple white shirt. But if other ministers and high officials wear tie doesn't matter. 

If he travel for personal or family reason he preferred fly in economic class along with regular passengers. Mostly going to his home town in Solo city, Central Java. Once he went to Singapore attending his son graduation, he fly in Economic class. Singapore Government car pick him up in the airport.

Yesterday was his 55th birthday. No special occasion to celebrate it but he visited, recheck many toll projects in West Java whole day. In early evening he attended Moslem event but not a wolds he speak up about his birthday, even the host say happy birthday and prayers. Any reporters try to respect him and say happy birthday, he didn't respond at all. Last year birthday he also went to Batam island and no celebration.

According to his son, they are not accustomed  to celebrate birthday in the family indicate of live in simple life. And become a role model for the country to come.
Some Government high officials used to celebrate wedding of the children in 5 stars hotel and luxury perform.

Even so, in social media, Twitter and Facebook, Jokowi birthday became trending topic, how Indonesian love him. So far in 1 and half year he kept lived simple life without involving in corruption or scandals.


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Friday, June 17, 2016


Professional surfers had been known that Nias island is a paradise for surfing in Indonesia beside many other locations in Indonesia archipelago. Some surfers didn't know yet precise location and how to get there.
Surfers from the South, Australia, New Zealand fly to Kuala Namu, Medan airport in North Sumatra through Bali - Jakarta - Kuala Namu. Or you may direct fly to Singapore and take another flight to Kuala Namu airport of Medan.

From Kuala Namu fly local plane to Nias island. Please ask your travel agent the fligt schedule to Nias island. If you want to know about North Sumatra before forward to Nias island, you may fly from Medan to Sibolga airport in the West coast of North Sumatra and then take a small ship to the West to Nias island. Or may take Bus from Medan to Sibolga city, spend 8 hours drive via beautiful Lake Toba.

Don't miss Nias special cultures, STONE Jumping, masculine sport, from small boys and grown man. This Jumping stone without using a stick like Far jumping high with stick in International sport, like video below :

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Thursday, June 16, 2016


Noodles was relatively cheap, yummy foods for low/middle class citizen across Indonesia, especially in Java island who sold in the street sides, in restaurants or in the Shopping malls. The price is a little bit higher in the restaurants or in Shopping malls.

From hygienist point of view, some are not healthy since station in side streets where dust blow and cars passing by. The sellers using bare hands and the plates, spoons, glasses  washed in the can, not in the running water. The Government less attention to this kind of small business, not registered, might be not tax at all.

Looking at their performance and location, high class citizen or foreign tourists scare to try this yummy foods if not going to stomach ache. But not affected for them belong to low, medium class citizen who used to eat this foods, originally Chinese foods. Their stomach immune to variety of ingredients and dirty environment.

So based on above information, I have a pure new idea, how to provide hygienist noodles to serve, covered all level of citizen including foreign tourists especially in the capital city, Jakarta. Jakarta consist of 5 mayors in Central Jakarta, East, West, South and North Jakarta.

I suggest to set up a new project, 1000 hygienist chicken noodle carts for 5 mayors @ 200 units. Jakarta province Government provide carts to the sellers by loan from Bank DKI, local Government own. The project management cooperate with Local Health Department in 5 Mayors who do Laboratory check regularly of the hygienist noodle, monthly basis. If they found a case, the sellers should be punish for temporarily not operate.

The noodle raw materials as the main foods might be centralized, distributed by one factory assigned by Governor to guarantee the quality and hygienist as well. All the tools used of the carts provided by the project management along with the cart, special colorful carts to attract costumers designed by the project.

The locations of the carts choose by the mayors, where running water available to rinse the plate, glass, spoons etc. If using sticks instead of spoons and plastic glass, sticks and plastics just for one use only.

Every sellers got a loan and special cards for this projects. The eligible to get the loan are the former noodle sellers. To buy the raw material noodle using special carts design for the project.

By the promotion that the noodle are clean and healthy, I am sure the foods will attracted many costumers and be feasible business for 1000 small business before expand later. The project management make sure to check Laboratory check, monthly basis.
This new idea might be written to details to make it perfect, mostly how to manage the project. 
I suggest the food's name MIE METROPOLITAN with Monas tower as a logo in the carts and in the promotion in sosial media, TV, News paper, Magazine etc.

This idea come emerged before a New party promoted the party by distributed the carts to small business man with their logo. The noodles quality similar to existing sellers without the guarantee of the hygienist.

Hygienist factor become the power of the products and I think would be attract all level of citizen including tourists since supervise tightly, monthly basis by Laboratory checking. I adopt the hygienist factor from California where Government official closed down an Indonesian restaurant after found careless of the hygienist. From my eyes, the restaurant are clean from my point of view compare to Indonesian restaurant in Indonesia.

Now every body may approach Jakarta Governor to present the idea. I think Government will consider cooperation with Local health department under Mayor supervision and provide loan to finance the carts and the tools.

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