Thursday, September 1, 2016


dive Raja Ampat resort Indonesia

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I dream for so long to visit Raja Ampat, the heaven on Earth in West Papua island, in the East of Indonesia.
I have been to the closet airport before, Sorong airport for duty from my office not for tour.

Tourist all over the World, even more Indonesian eager to explore this extraordinary God creation. Many resorts for you to spend the days here but sorry I am not an agent of them. Please search and booked before you come.
Transport to Raja Ampat recommend not book through your hotel, cheaper if you find one available rented in the market. Preferred book through the travel agents.

So many questions can't answered, how to get there, easier, scheduled airs or ships. Sorry, I can't recommend the best and the budget way.

No direct flight from Bali but stop over in Makassar, South Sulawesi. You may fly from Jakarta to Sorong then take local flights to Raja Ampat airport.

I just dreaming one day visit this heaven soon. So sorry again this time no detail information how to get there. I may copied from internet but thought it was out date information. So please find it yourself before come in.

Welcome to Raja Ampat.
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