Tuesday, August 30, 2016


                                 17 years
                          60 years

Surprise found out my old pictures when I was very young, 17 years old. 4 decades ago. I was quite skinny in high school, away from my parent, for 3 years.
Compare to my second picture, in 60 years old, the shape look alike but fatter not because of the jacket, but because of the modern life style.

What about the character ?. Debatable. The character influenced by environment, by education, by corporate culture, by origi cultures, and by faith..

Working in a big corporate in Banking for long period of time, lived the life in discipline, on time, honest, working hard. Our origin cultures, parent model and faith teach how to behave proper.

What about the smile ?. Those 2 photos taken formally for certificates, didn't supposed to be smile.
My original was talk funny and laugh out loud. My wife and 2 daughters told something in easy and funny mode. My granddaughter too. We always a lot of laugh, felt happy around my closed family.

One thing that never change, inherited from my parent was the risk taker in trading. My father was very good to took the opportunities to set the price when bought the rubber before sold it back.
I was inherited the risk when I leaved a good position in a big Bank then set up my own company in heave equipment rental in the sea port.

What then my children inherited from me ? They were not risk takers but professionals. The good thing is, they inherited independency, not depended on parent. Beside, I love their attitude also, sincere and reliable.
Remember when my kids still teen, never said :"I swear to God tell the truth", like the ones in the street. Instead they said :"What you tied in the earth, tied in heaven", taken from the Bible, honest, tell the truth.

Our face might be look alike the same but our character changes influenced by our environment, education, faith, origin cultures, corporate cultures and social interaction.

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