Wednesday, August 3, 2016


                                            Pupils barefoot in Eastern part of Indonesia


I am not dreaming. Fully awake and conscious in late one night !!!. Compare myself with fiends, co workers, high officials. I am nothing. Serve the communities, distributed over 5.000 shoes to the pupils who never wear shoes. Or serve congregation in my church, visited inmate in prison, helping the poors. I am nothing compare to others did much more then I did..

Just like lightning in the summer sky, a Moslem American, a father of American soldier who died in the war for the country, asked Donald Trump, US President candidate :"What were your sacrifice for the country ?" Trump in shocked gave a weird funny answered : "Giving jobs for thousands of American". It wasn't the right answer. The question are :"What is your sacrifices "?.

Never boosted, never looking down to others. Might be they did more then us.They did it  with passion.  Even they sacrifices did things, did it voluntarily. While we did it according to our job or obligation for we got payment.

Remembered when lead a Bank branches, I did many things that I proud off. Provided loan for rice production. Manage  the branch profitable more then other branches in the region. I got promoted for the best branch in the region. I did it all as my obligation and got high check payment. The question are what my sacrifices for the country ?.

So from now on let's think over and over again when doing something. What are our sacrifices doing the obligation. Ever thought of sharing our income to the poor ?. Or sharing our time to teach in the schools for free. Or visit and helping donate for sick people in the hospitals. Or donated funds or time to collect and distributed shoes for pupils who never wear shoes ???
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