Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Indonesia Economy, Tax Amnesty & Sri Mulyani

A new and former Finance minister

After the rain God promises the rainbow. Hurt, sad when you toppled down from your seat, did nothing wrong in your job. Did you ever feel the pain ? I did. The bitter memory for the rest of my life. I thought Sri Mulani felt the similar feeling. But now she reap the sweet fruit of her sacrifices.

Her smile still similar with in the old days. She was a former skillful Finance minister in Indonesia under President SBY, Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono. In spite of her skill to handle the Finance ministry, she replaced. I though she was sad and hurt because she was accused did wrong policy to handle Bank Century scandal.

To console her President SBY assigned her to be a World Bank Director in Washington DC, off course after Indonesia Government approached World Bank in advance. She agreed to this new post.
But after few years as a member of BOD she gained a lots of experiences and many Networks to International fund organizations. After the rain, God promises the rainbow.

A blink diamond still diamond even down in the mood.
New Government under President Jokowi knew her well and knew she done nothing wrong with Bank Century scandal, then called her back home and assigned as Finance minister since July 27, 2016. The blink diamond still the diamond even it drown in the mood. She was a priceless diamond of the country. At the day of sworn in the State palace, the stock market rise at closing time.

We expect she will doing great job to accelerate economy growth including execution of a new policy about Tax amnesty and bridging the gap between the richest and the poor, between the West and East part of Indonesia.

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