Saturday, August 6, 2016


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Batak culture (P.Situmeang, writer)

Kecak dance, Bali

The old generation tend to see what lay behind and the young ones look ahead to the future. Just like the arrow who aim one certain point, but never forget the bow.
This theme not solely true. The old generation who lived in the cities, depend on new technology and internet may open minded, play the new gadgets, new applications, lived the life influenced by modern society. But in the other hand, look behind, kept old traditional what ancestors had to said. 

The young one, some more educated just see one side, lived the easy life, familiar with the new gadgets and applications. They tend to ignore the old tradition that parent inherited from ancestors. Without any effort from parent the youngsters may forget their tradition, culture, local wisdom nor their root of origin. 

In the other hand, the youngsters who lived in the villages, in the remote areas, less educated away from high tech kept saw what lay behind, inherited their ancestors. So opposite to the old generation who lived in the cities who able saw in two sides, old and modern. 

Many races in the World kept their cultures and tradition even emigrated to a new country and become the citizen of a new country. Even they graduated from University, they carry on, the old way of life. The different back ground didn't look them down but otherwise appreciate and welcome, open minded.

Just yesterday I send an email to all (4) my children whom graduated from University, even one Master degree, one Medical Dr, one US citizen, two Board of Directors in the Corporate about our old Batak tradition, our cultures of North Sumatra provinces to remind them to stay connected, gather regularly with their children and, help and respect each other until the next generations to come.
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