Monday, August 22, 2016


Shabu Hachi Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA, United States. Vegetables and udon noodles

Shabu Hachi Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA, United States. Communal shabu shabu

Shabu Hachi Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA, United States. Large chicken (very thin slices)
Hi every one !!! How was your weekend ???. Hope you enjoy with your love ones.

I found out 2 interesting finding this time.

The first.
Shabu Hachi restaurant in Kemang area, South Jakarta.
I enjoyed this time in Japanese style restaurant. This is all you can eat style. The space, rooms design were cool, not crowded. The price were reasonable if not classified it as cheap, relatively. Just Rp 108.500 or about US $ 8 per pax.

Astonished the restaurant always fully book on weekend. We try to reserved but the answered say :"Please come in, may any cancellation, you may get in". Your time set just for 2 hours.
But in weekdays the prices lower and the time more flexible if no other guests coming.

Do you know who were the costumers ?
I didn't see foreigners or Chinese citizen. Yes, the Chinese mostly resided in the North Jakarta. While indigenous in the South. A lot of Western lived in this area but the preferred dined in Western restaurant that many choices here.

While you are in Jakarta, I recommend you should try it.

The second.
The opportunity to get temporary job in annual auto show, August 11 - 21, 2016 outskirt of Jakarta to the South.
Took special attention to 3 nice girls wear white and red strip custom and high heels walking back and forth offered a brand new cigarettes outside the show building. I saw them until late at 8 pm in the wild  wind.
I appreciated their effort to earn legal income without ashamed would meet some one in the community, they knew well.

Inside the building as usual beautiful girls standing beside the new cars in the show. For their nice performances earn a lot of money, range from Rp 800 thousand - Rp 1 million or about $ 45 - 75 a day.

So many events offer temporary legal jobs to grab not to be ashamed.

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