Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Felt blessing, lucky walking the long journey from old traditional technology in 1950s until IT era recently using mobile phone, internet, laptop and modern appliances and became bloggers. Born 73 years ago, in 1943 went through high and low in 3 Governments era.

In 1950s.
We were village kids had a lots of movement just like sport, made us strong and healthy, didn't need Dr, who station 25 kilometers away in town. Fall down sleep early cause exhausted but felt happy, lived life very simple.

Walk to school, some barefoot, some used Japan slippers, some drive bike 3 kilometers away then swim in current deep water, run to catch bus or truck while the vehicles running.
Experiences writing over black stone tablets before white paper books using pencils

Not busy find bike workshop, if the bike flat tires, just do it alone, got the glue from the rubbers tree nearby to fixed it. Wait a while before bike again.
If fall down and injures, just rub the penicillin to cure.

Entertained by hear news and songs from radio using big battery or electric. The bigger radios were the best.
No news mean is good news. Never read the news papers or magazines, so never think of hard things, just thinking the simple things .

Kids Listening to Old Time Radio
Radio charged by battery or electric

In 1960s
No problem when no phone at home in a relatively big town because no big business to take care of. Want to phone some one far away, just went by bike to phone office.
I was in high school out of my home town in North Sumatra. Stayed in a house without radio.No problem at all.

As economic school students, I joined a course who taught how to write fast, we called it Stenography. I though would be good to find the job later. Stenography is good for Secretary or reporters.

The popular vehicles especially in North Sumatra were made in American like Chevrolet and Dodge. City car in capital Jakarta  were made in Italy sedan, FIAT. Nice car. While military car made in Russia, just like Gaz 1958 below

FIAT 850:
Fiat 600

Mobil buatan Uni Soviet GAZ-69. Foto: Mikhail Tsyganov
Russia Gaz, 1958

Chevrolet 1950s
Transfer money not via the Banks as business man did but through the post offices. Senders fill in the form and the amount then the same form send by trucks or planes to a receiver then cash the form. We called the form Wessel as Payment order.

In University we faced no problem to copy book material, no copy machine yet, so business typed the materials first in a carbon paper then copy by turn a machine manually until got the amount of materials needed.

News papers or magazines, printed by a machine that produce letter by letter in the form of tin, produced noisy in the printing house. Recently just print by a small printer over our table.

In 1970s
Using radio for communication between the provinces from South Sumatra to North Sumatra, from the factory to the offices using SSB, Single side Band radio. Phone were selected in the cities, towns.
Later in 1970s sent the fast way by telex own by the Government or Company own.

Small black mobile radio with hand-held microphone and long, coiled mic cord

In order to keep convenience, took a refrigerators by plane to remote island who refrigerators didn't available in the electronic store.

To entertain in relax time or hear the news, turn on portable Radio transistor with smaller battery turn Malaysian, Australian or BBC radio stations.
Sony radio

I felt blessed, excited of experiencing using the old technology and cars from the 1950s era until recently year 2016. I loved to see my grand children play the games and many applications to lightning the life like booked taxi, ordered the foods, buy on line etc.

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