Thursday, August 18, 2016


HASIL FINAL BULUTANGKIS OLIMPIADE RIO 2016 GANDA CAMPURAN : Tantowi Ahmad/Liliana Natsir Hadiahkan Medali Emas Buat Indonesia

Every body happy. Some creeps, some shed the tears, some clap and shout out loud. Hundred thousand of people, here and abroad. Friends and former enemies supported.

T shirts and pants wet. Whole body sweating. Reporters shooting focus on a couple.

Yes you are right after see above photos and video.
Hundred of thousand Indonesian awarded God medals for badminton in Rio de Jeneiro, Olimpic 2016..
The audiences supported Liliana Natsir and Tontowi Ahmad beat Malaysian couple. Gold medals bring back to Jakarta after loosing in London Olympic 2012 ago.
Government spoiled the winners, got Rp 5 billions or $ 385.000 for gold medal, Rp 3 billions for silver and Rp 1 billion for bronze.
The would welcome them as the hero and take parade over an open bus through out Jakarta down town next week.

Why the Gold so special ???. Because awarded in a very special day, 71th Independence day, August 17, 2016.
Why te day so special to me ??? Because we celebrated 18th birthday of my beloved grand daughter Antonia Jones at special restaurant at SCBD building area (Sudirman Central Business District), South Jakarta.

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