Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Bikson Paaribu

Nia Erni Mha Balo

I am so glad and flattered to read comments from the readers of my book, a biography.
Some I knew them well but mostly just social media friends, never met face to face before.

Astonished, surprised they knew my inner soul just from reading. Yeah, I admitted something hide, not 100% true. They amazed that I climbed to a high ladder, earned a lots of fortune by risking my professional jobs by retired early and set up my own company.

Off course by reading my biography they didn't followed the process, the pain to earned money, sweating, alert around the clock, wake up after midnight. Some time spend the night in the harbor when fixing the hardwares, slept in the car to watched the mechanics to fixed the machine problems.

They never experienced how hard the process in the court from first level of court until Supreme court before winning the case.

Below some of the comments of my biography book of the first edition in 1998. Recently updating and restructuring the content as the 2nd edition:

1. Enny White, Queensland, Australia
A biography that need to read about. A lot of experiences and performances that may follow.
Well written and congratulations, Ma Woke
2. Rahman S, Bandung.
Awesome. I was sink down to read it until late, 2 am in the mrning. Salute.
3. Rina Barus SH.MKn,  Medan
Smart character, dare to take risk decision and and took the effect at once as the indicators of a leader. Prefer resigned as arubber factor manager and fought until seated as Bank branch manager owned by Government. Early retired and start own business, rental Hardware in Tanjungpriok, sea port of Jakarta.
4. Demak Sitompul, Surabaya
A smart Banker, multi talents, low profile, wise. Loving family, care for others, not stingy to share knowledge to any one, a lot of ideas and initiative. Motivated yongsters to follow.
5. Nia Erni Miha Balo, Tangerang

I am not talking about a Banker  but more about a person who highly socialize. Do not hesitate the knowledge, friendly, protected and loving family.

6.Bikson Pasaribu, Duri, Riau
Awesome Mr. Situmeang who multi talents along with best performances and be  good to be a model.
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