Thursday, August 11, 2016


What is your Blog segment or what are the Labels in your Blog ? Music, travel, life style, economic, politic or something else ?. I wrote various topics. No particular one.

You know what topic I wrote in this week ? A novel....!!! My first Novel. I didn't believe it.
After wrote 5 series in a week, I found myself addicted. Wrote until late at night. Even my daughter turn off the internet line at 10.30 pm I kept wrote, I didn't need the line on.

The statistic of the readers who clicked my series Novel increase day to day. It motivated me a lot.
I little bit disappoint not start earlier. But never too late to learn.

I love to read Novel when I surprised to found out that used Novels sold just $ 1 - 2 each in California library. Used ? Yes, used novel, but look like a new, just donated by some one who finished read it. In my country, Indonesia, Novel in English, very very expensive.

When I back home from California I buy a bag, full of novels. Some of it, share with my friends. 

When I decided to begin to write the Novel, my hand can't stop typed the Computer, to where my imagination may bring.
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