Tuesday, August 16, 2016



Very sad !!!. Imagine you are oath to be a Leader in one organization. Then in 20 days dismissed, replaced by honor and respect. Hurt people by respect ??? How cruel it was..

He smile in front of camera, but in his heart broken. Ashamed !!!
I knew how it's feeling. I knew what his family feeling. What his innocent children asking.

Mr.Aschandra Tahar appointed and took oath as a Minister on July 27, 2016. At August 16, 2016 fired.
The reason were that he was an American since 2012 after stayed and studied in US. He was studied and worked in oil sectors. He awarded 7 patents in oil sector.

President Jokowidodo, informed of this skillful man, discussed with him many times before recruited and appointed as a Minister. Minister in strategic position. Minister of Energy and Mineral resources.

Meanwhile his Indonesian passport not yet expired. Based on Indonesian law after he took oath as US citizen, he was no longer as Indonesian citizen.

Was the President cheated by his inner circle, careless about Aschandra's citizenship ?.
As soon as President knew the rule, after discussed with Law ministers, and other seniors minister, instantly dismissed him.

From politic point of view this case became a hot issue that would become hot discussion in the near future, what behind this case.
Remember, this Ministry is strategic position. Many sides dreaming to seated at the office.
Who behind to toppled him down ???. Let's wait next few weeks.

Mr Chandra have a very high income in Oil company in US but why he tempted to be a Minister with the complicated politic. He was away from politic for 2 decades and preferred be a professional.

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