Friday, August 26, 2016


Hi every body !!!. What is the plan for this weekend. Relax with the love ones at home ? Or have swimming at the pool. Or have lunch your favorites foods.

For me Saturday, regular meet PT at hospital for stretching. PT is physical therapy. 
Unique Saturday, the cars jammed in and out of the hospital parking lot. Patients took the opportunity to find healing, to meet the Dr or visited hospitalized patients.

We should lived balance between the hard work and rest time. Eat healthy foods and drinks. Avoid or at least minimize eat, drink too much sugar, less junk foods, less chocolates, less ice cream. Eat more green vegetables and fruits.

Have a regular exercises. Swim, run, bike. Regular daily basis or 3 times a week for half an hour. Not once a week for two hours.

Hope you wouldn't need to see the Dr too often. Not facing car jam in the hospital.

Enjoy your weekend with your love ones.
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