Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Sometimes I wonder if it’s time for me to stop writing about happiness or smile in my face. Actually Life journey is about the ups and downs of my life . . . I don’t know . . . upbeat thoughts, perhaps. I won’t, though. I do not believe it is either healthy or wise to always put on a smiling face. Life is good, but it is also cruel. Life is happy, but it is also sad. Life is easy, but it is also hard. How can we ignore the parts of life that might not be comfortable? The truth is, although I can handle the downs side, the emotion lows, most other people can’t. It makes them uncomfortable.

But to be happy took a long journey through sweating, disappointment, scare and tears. In the beginning of my journey in young ages along with 2 toddlers leaving comfortable life as factory manager in remote, small town far away in North Sumatra.

Since my dream and education's background was in Banking, I leaved the good pay check behind, went away to the capital city, Jakarta.........and unemployment with 2 toddlers  and spouse.
We lived simple life, short of everything. From drive a car in the factory, then drive a motor bike in hot climate, sweating. Rented in a very small rooms in crowded road. Temporarily, worked as a reporter who rush everywhere to find the news source to catch the date line.

The second downs turn of the journey when Economy crisis hit Asia including our country, Indonesia. Tree of my kids who studied in US, had to stop study because my big Company in heavy equipment as the sources of income, collapsed, closed for good. Regularly we sent them minimum $ 2.000 /month, now stop dead. My kids used to 100 % students, now have to work. One in the gas station, one in the handy craft store and the last one in the liquor storage.
My family business then changed to a very small mobile restaurant that my wife became a Chef helped by my children.We must woke up in the dusk until lunch was over.  It was very sad story, but the lived must go on, our dream break for the time being, pray for the ups turn.

After the rain, rainbow would appear as God promised to human being. In the back mountain after the downs, ups road is approach. A decade later after out of school my children earned Bachelor and a Master degree. Then got a good job in Shopping mall management in Jakarta city, in US Bank in California and in Vietnam Coal company.

Be patient if we are in downs turn, working hard, smart, sincere, the right time will come, tears replace by smiles, the big smiles.

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