Thursday, July 21, 2016


                                                                   Sad story

It was surprised to me ....... women crying in a radio broadcasted all over the country. Why ???
Because happened in US. I thought in US culture, society were independent. Graduated from high school, leaved parent house and forget their parent, especially mom.
This time, my thought  was totally wrong !!!

Los Angeles radio's host turn a sad song and let a lady talked to her mom in radio that how she loved and missed her. She was crying begging for forgiveness. I hold my eyes not to drop a tears or two hearing the conversation of both sides. I stayed in South California for 6 months and love L.A radio and became a frequent listener. The program begin early evening when every body went home.

I am an Indonesian. Our cultures teach us to honor our mom for the rest of our life. I think not only Asian but Universal all over
the World that we love our mother. Am I right ? I hope so.

There are 100 reasons We love our Mom. Let me say 10 :
1. I wouldn't be here without her.
2. No matter what, she is my corner
3. When life get so stressful that practically I forget who I am, she reminds me.
4. Her smile makes everything is Ok.
5. She always tried to give me honest answered to the hard questions.
6. She listens when I talk about all ridiculous drama of my life.
7. There are still thing that she hasn't told Dad.
8. She took us to church every week so faith would be part of our lives
9. Even when she upset with me, I knew she loved me.
10. She is been gone for years, but I still think of her every day.

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