Sunday, July 17, 2016


For the sake of my mom and daughter I planned a weekend to the place the environment supported my dream just to feel at home, home where I was born and my daughter raised. I found it by have lunch today, Sunday, July 17, 2016 in an open restaurant without air conditioner as my home town circumstance, North Sumatra island. The spot is near Parliament building and Hotel Mulya, Senayan, South Jakarta.

The restaurant was an old type with old tables and chairs for 4 persons each equipped with standing fans. The foods are Batak's recipes, water pond fishes or pork, grilled or pallets in spicy taste and 2 kind of green vegetables The costumers are mostly Batak origin or other clan from all over the country, who are Christian.

The atmosphere are truly Batak environment, man, girls and seniors faces tend to similar character, tough, not too dark skin, speak out loud. Saw the old women remember my mom who used to prepared the same menus as in this restaurant. Two singers sing Batak songs, reminded me my home town in North Sumatra who sing the songs. Reminded me my little sister family in Duri in Southern Sumatra island.

One song "Boru Panggoaran" means the oldest daughter reminded me with my daughter, Vera Situmeang who married with Mr Simatupang. The song ask the oldest daughter to take care of her parents in their senior age who need a special attention when they are sick.
Some time I requested a song or two to be sing by the singers. After enjoyed some songs, we leave the restaurant and the tips to the singers and musician.

Boru panggoaran

My relaxing weekend this time missed my mom, oldest daughter and my sister as well. What a priceless time to remain them in my heart and mind. I did this several times when I was worked not far from this spot. Then with my family after I was retired. Hopefully my daughters and son will visit this restaurant then after I leave the Wold for good for remember their parent.

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