Friday, June 3, 2016


Many times, a man in motor bike will stop in front of my house if he on the way to work in the morning or on the way home late in the afternoon in case I was sitting on the veranda or being leaving home.

His name is Mr.Edy, my son true friend, Monang since childhood 3 decades ago at Kudus city, Central Java when I was assigned there as Branch Bank manager. Both of them still in basic school. We then moved to East Java and Jakarta, the capital. He remain lived in Kudus city with his family but working in furniture business at Jakarta. Every weekend he is going home by bus and back to Jakarta on Monday morning.  While Monang worked in a Bank in South California, US.

Some time he passed my house, but realized that I am sitting in the veranda, he will U turn his motor bike, stop  for a while just to say hi. Some other time early evening he u turn his motor bike in the side of our car, made us surprise, just to say hello.

Monang never met him for so long, 3 decades but his parent met him often but never stop by and chat inside our house.

Once, our daughter, Peggy,  Monang sister went to Kudus city to attended a married of her friend. Mr Edy pick her up and after the event took her also to the Semarang city airport, 50 kilometer away
from Kudus.

True friend never forgotten even we are different faith and different tribe. Edy is a Jvanese Moslem while Monang is Batak Christian. Made our Nation peaceful.

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