Saturday, June 4, 2016


Setyoso, Commisary Bank BCA and me

You knew you boss well, what his/her will, plan, goal and target. You have your job description. So do what you can do without waiting for any instruction from your boss, help him to accomplish his/her goal. Ultimately you will reap the fruit of success, promoted or raise your income or you are become one of his/her inner circle to rely on.

There are 3 category of the personnel, AA, A, BA.
The 1st category is AA, Above Average. The person in this category will do the job without waiting for instruction. If any obstacles in doing the jobs, he/she think it without asking help from his boss. Personnel hired to do and solve the problems without any help from his boss. 

The 2nd category is Average. That person, do the job vast but if any obstacles on the way he/she will waiting for the boss way out. The boss many things to think about and less time to go through details. It should be tackle by the staff. So waiting for boss ideas of way out, the jobs left behind the other staff in the 1st category.

The 3rd category is the person BA category that work very slow and rely on the superior has to say. We don't expect good thing from this category.

Those category above, remind me of Holy book who say that workers in the field gave different Talenta (Coin) to each worker. One worker gave 10, the second gave 5 and the last one gave 1 Talenta. While the Landlord away for some time.

When the Landlord came back and ask for the return, he said 3 different answers. To the 10 Talenta he said : "Good, you are get plenty of the share. To the second worker, said similar respond. But to the third worker he said :" You idiot, give me back 1 Talenta and I will give it to the first worker who got 10 Talenta. So the AA category got more then the others.

My younger son, Pahala Situmeang working start from very bottom level in Shopping mall in Central Jakarta. He did his job beyond his boss expectation then promoted to be Deputy manager and in 36 years seated in Director position in two Shopping malls.He also got higher education, MBA level on the cost of the Corporate.

My son in law start as a Staff in tea corporate, factory and tea farming. The his boss, the owner of this corporate promoted him became one of 5 Director of the company. Further more his status as Director noted in Notary. Not as a share holder but just an Executive. When the company sold to another Investor from China then all Directors replaced. Then by his good reputation, got a new job as a Director too in Noodle factory and restaurants.

I experienced the similar promotion too in Banking industry. I got promotion from small branch in remote island to medium size Branch in Java island until promoted again to a very big Branch in Surabaya city, West Java, the 2nd largest Branch in the Corporate.

Remember that we are compete with our peer with the younger generation maybe graduated from the best University in the World. So do your job beyond your boss expectation.

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