Friday, June 3, 2016

CATARACT OPERATION, Rp 11.500.000,- or US$ 885 in INDONESIA

 Operasi Katarak
I was little bit surprise to see a billboard, advertising of cataract, eyes operation to sharpen sight in one private Hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia. This hospital managed professional owned by one among top 10 rich conglomerate in Indonesia.

For middle and upper class citizen, this rate not too expensive. But for regular and majority of Indonesian this rate very, very expensive. For regular and lower class patients preferred to go Government own hospital, pay by insurance policy of BPJS, a special body who insured all Indonesian citizen. The costumers pay a very small insurance rate  pay monthly basis. This special body fully subsidized by the Government, since President Jokowi, since October 2014.

Many time, a lots of Organization held special program to help lower class citizen to operate the eyes for free. Generally done in a celebration of Anniversary of the organization, Government or Private companies organization

Let the rich citizen paid the high rate from their own pocket or pay by their private insurance for rich class group. 
The rest of the citizen get services either by Government insurance body, BPJS or waiting for some time, any organizations pay their Corporate social responsibility by held eyes operations.
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