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                                                                 Padang food

Our taste accustomed to our mother food recipes, whenever we go we prefer the food recipes or aroma of foods available. But any certain foods that fit Internationally or Nationally. Mac Donald burger and French fries are foods fit Internationally, available until in the corner of the World. In Indonesia we may found Mc Donald in big cities.

National Indonesian foods you may find across the country and abroad as well. Especially in South California you may find some in Los Angeles and surrounding. Some waiters are Mexican who knew the foods name well. The kinds of Padang foods as video above.

The foods taste, Sumatra recipes are liked by all citizen in the country. Two foods that I used to my taste since childhood are Rendang Padang and Sate Padang. Rendang Padang are cooked all night long to make it soft mixed with special ingredients mostly spicy. Sate Padang is barbeque served above banana leafs served with yellow fluid soup. To taste the real Sate and Rendang Padang I spend a holiday to Padang, West Sumatra, the original of the food like image below.

                             Sate Padang

In Jakarta I lived near Padang food restaurant, just 100 meters away. Every morning the wind blow West ward and I scent the food aroma, cooked or barbeque. They served it fresh every morning, no overnight foods sold, so be fresh food every day. 

One thing to remember is that don't need to order, just take a seat, the waiters will carry several plates over one hand and put it in the table, covered space of the table. Please choose the foods tempting you. Once you touch the foods mean you buy and pay for it. If you are not touch, the foods are still clean and put back as the inventory to be served to another customers. 

In case you visit Indonesia, Singapore, Bali or wherever across Indonesia don't miss to taste it, may some day you come back again.

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