Thursday, June 9, 2016


More then a decade I used to ride my mountain bike in Jakarta daily basis, in free car day every Sunday in down town Jakarta. Some time took a train to Bogor city, West Java.

Fly to Pekanbaru and visit Duri town, in the South Sumatera, Padang city, West Sumatra, Sibolga town, Tarutung town and Lake toba in North Sumatra.

In my long holiday, I drive my son's bike in La Habra city,  South California, US

In front of Hotel Indonesia, Jakarta

Chariots, in front of Monas

Ancol beach

Semanggi bridge

To Bogor city by train

In Bogor palace gate

In front of a Church, Bogor

Chevron oil, Duri, Riau

Chevron main office, Duri

                                        Human Resources Operation

                                                         Tour de Singkarak, West Sumatra

In front of West Sumatra governor office

In front of Bank Indonesia branch

Imam Bonjol garden

2 Tunnels 8 km outside Sibolga

On the way to Poriaha, 10 km for lunch

Sibolga gulf in distance

Waterfall, 7 km outside Sibolga

My bike over a Bus back to Sibolga

Enter Salib Kasih gate, Tarutung

Tarutung down town without traffic light

Down back to the gate by motor bike

Lake Toba side

In front of Jack hotel, Lake Toba

Lake Toba as back ground

My son's house, La Habra city, US

Take a break in a lake, in California

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