Saturday, June 11, 2016


Temped to eat or drink in fasting month depend on how deep of the faith of some one. Deeper faith wouldn't tempted at all. The faith business shouldn't be regulated by the local Government, since worship God  is personal business. If any regulations ban to open the restaurants, shops or kiosks in fasting month, Central Government should cancel it.

This case happened on Friday morning, June 10, 2016 in Serang town, not too far from Central Government in Jakarta city. Local Government officials forced to close the food shops in town and all the foods took out and destroyed. An old woman above, Saeni, 53 years old, crying, begging not to take her food but  they didn't care but took it away.

The woman above and many shops have to open even in fasting month because it was the only profession they have that family rely on. Closing their shops, how the survive to afford the family. Some of them knew that local Government issued a regulation that not allowed food shops open in fasting month except from 5 pm till 5 am. But the have no choice.

This case became one breaking news in all TV in Jakarta. Then a person, a Nitizen, Mr.Dwika Putra in Twitter posted the case and got sympathetic to donate, to support a woman in the news. Just in 24 hours, Indonesian Nitizen across the country send their donation, totally Rp 139 millions or equivalent US$ 10.000. Amazing. Up to Monday, June 12, 2016 total donation, in 3 days, reach Rp 265 million or US $ 19.630 including from President Jokowi Rp. 10 millio or US$ 740

Saturday evening TV Kompas interviewed the woman, asking :"Did you know you are in the TV ?". "I knew, many families, friends and no name called me say we are sorry". The next question : "Did you know any donation to support you ?". "No, she said", confusing. After an interviewer told total number of donation, she crying and thanks the donators across the country.

The message here is that local Government officials who acted so cruel got sympathy for the victims across the country, beyond the religion. This is an indication that the local regulation should reviewed asap and the way to be humanized for the time to come.

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