Saturday, June 11, 2016


Go green not only find in the country with rainy season where rain drop for long period of time, 6 months or more made the country kept green, full of vegetables, fruits, forest and flower with minimum maintenance. The countries with desert environment may go green too depend on eagerness of the Government and citizen as well.

We knew that The Netherland or Holland was the number one of flowers exporter in the World. As long as you may see from the train's window, in two sides of the rail grow flowers in an estate. Every location grow differ color. When I took Bus from Den Haag to Asterdam, I saw flowers put in every window of the houses I passed by. For tourists attraction, every year we may visit flowers fair, Keukenhof fair, your eyes will enjoy and never boring to see the beautiful of multi colors of flowers.


Keukenhof fair

Flower estate, The Netherland

The climate and of course the estate management fit to grow flowers in The Netherland. But what do you think in the desert environment, may grow flowers ?. When visited Israel, I found out that the country was the 2nd flowers exporter in the World after The Netherland. How it was possible ?. I saw huge pumps in the Galilee lake, near Jordan river, far below sea level, absorbed by huge pipes and pumped far away above the mountain, where big trees grow green and multi colors flower.

So the flowers may plant any where, beyond the season and climate, depend on the management and Government support the business and environment. Then how to market the products.

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