Sunday, May 8, 2016


 Dunia Tercengang, Di Era Jokowi Indonesia Bisa Ekspor Kapal Perang

On Sunday, May 8, 2016 ceremony of export one Vessel War ship, Strategic Sealift Vessel (SSV) type to the Philippines in Surabaya port of East Java. This is the 1st among 2 Vessel produced by P.T.PAL, a Government own company in Surabaya city. The 2nd vessel planned deliver on 2018

The contract awarded after tight and long international bidding, beating another 7 countries competitors, value US$ 40 million each. And this vessel is the first war ship produced for export purpose.
For so long producer, P.T.PAL developed Landing Platform Dock (LPD) vessels for Indonesia Navy in 2011.The existing LPD vessels have been operated helping Air Asia plan down in West of Kalimantan island and save Indonesia ship from Somalia pirates in Somalia water.
The existing vessel also have been performed to the Philippine Navy in Manila.

Based on the experiences supply many kind of war ship to Indonesia army, Police and Custom, P.T.PAL then modified more sophisticate for SSV type to the Philippine. The SSV able sail for 30 days for 9360 miles with maximum speed 16 knot.
The vessel, 121 meter long, 21,8 meter wide, machine capacity 2x 9290 kW, capacity 10,300 ton  carry  121 crew and 500 Navy, 2 helicopters, 2 Jeeps, 4 tanks, 4 trucks, 1 hospital mobile.

So if your country shortage of war ship do not hesitate to contact the producer, P.T.PAL (Penataran Angkatan Laut), Government own company Limited. The company begin since Dutch era in 1939 named MARINA before Nationalization. The company produced Patrol ship any size, Landing Platform dock, Fast vessel, Motor yacht, Cargo vessel, Cargo ship, Container vessel, Container ship, Tanker etc

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