Sunday, May 8, 2016


In year 2018, 4 years after new Government under President Jokowidodo or Jokowi will build 4.325 kilometer TRANS PAPUA from the West until to the East bordered with Papua New Guinea country.
Recently thousand kilometer not yet connected, the thick forest must be cutting, build a really new road. Some road through the rivers without bridges and road over the raw mud soil.

Build the road will invite new business across Papua island who deposit a huge amount of mineral resources  like Gold and copper mining of P.T.Freeport belong to American corporate. This gold mining is the biggest gold mining in the World.

We hope, Investors will interesting to explore so many mineral and gas resources in this rich island.
For instance in Paniai district alone have potential resources such as Coal, Gold, Iron, stone for road and building materials. Up until recently, the potential waiting for exploration.
By building the road, Investors would come to see.

By explore and exploitation the new mining will open opportunities of workers from local nor from other part of the country help elevate welfare of Indonesia citizen as well.

Below : Between Wamena - Habema

827 Kilometer Jalan Trans Papua Hutan Belantara
Jalan Baru di Kenyam - Nduga - Papua
                                            Kenyam - Nduga

We urge Foreign investors to get more information about Mineral resources in this big island by contacted our Embassy in your country or Ministry of Mineral Resources, Jakarta. To know more information, you may send me Email to :
Mr. Pinondang Situmeang Email :
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