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FV Viking diledakkan
                          Viking ship, Nigeria flag, Interpol red notice bombed

             An illegal fishing in Bitung sea,  North Sulawesi in May 2015

             Minister of Fishing, Susi Pujiastuti not scare to sink illegal fishing

kapal Viking
                 Indonesia marine sufficient logistic to go after illegal ships

                 Where are the other ship ??? minister Susi Pujiastuti asking
Ini Wujud Kapal Raksasa Siap Ditenggelamkan Menteri Susi
             Monument for fighting against Illegal fishing at Pangandaran, West Java

Dalam 2,5 Bulan, 40 Kapal Asing Ditangkap dan 32 Ditenggelamkan

"If you came to Indonesia sea illegally, you will be jailed and your ships will be bombed and sinked", said President Jokowidodo or Jokowi.

This policy taken after new Government run the country since October 2014 ago. Only in 2 and half month captured 40 ships and all will be sinked to the bottom of the sea.

Minister Susi Pujiastuti was former fish business woman who knew everything about fishing business in Indonesia. She knew who are the bad fishing companies and how much fish catch illegally for decades.

Recently, new Government allocated sufficient budget to go after illegal ships, including gas for the Marine, Air police ships and Ministry ships.

Hopefully poor fisherman will elevate their income and Indonesia public will consume cheaper fish in their healthy menue. And Indonesia get more income from export the best quality fish in the World from the longest sea shore in the World after US.

For fisher man from abroad, please welcome to our water formally, you will treated respectfully and for sure, guarantee  will earn reasonable profit.

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