Wednesday, May 4, 2016


 Peran Tim Surya Paloh Bebaskan 10 Sandera Abu Sayyaf
Indonesia jet picked up 10 hostages in Zamboaga city, The Philippines

Indonesian citizen celebrated the free of 10 hostages of the sailors of Brahma 2 ship at Parang beach, Sulu, South Mindanao on Monday, May 4, 2016 mid day. The effort of freeing them through total diplomatic under one command, Foreign minister, Mrs.Retno Marsudi and backed up by Army. Diplomacy between formal leaders and many informal leaders simultaneously. But this successful effort mostly done through culture approach. In the same time The Philippine army run after the kidnappers by full forces.

Brahma 2 ship carried coal hijacked on the way from Puting river, South Kalimantan to Batangas, South Philippines. Kidnappers are separatist group of Abu Sayyaf who located in the South of Philippines in Jolo,Basilan and Mindanao island, who set up in 1989. They asked for ransom 50 million peso or equivalent to US$ 1.092.307

The pirate group more convenient dealing with informal leader due to the similar background, religion, tradition, language and neighbor  countries. The group was a former member of MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front) under Misuari who closed relationship with Indonesian Government. They set up a new fraction under Abu Sayyaf fully armed.

Indonesian analysis and agents said that the new fraction of Abu Sayyaf not fight for politic any more as MNLF did, but for economic reason and criminal. The aim was get ransom to buy weaponry and extend their business as pirates in the sea border. Some agents said that local citizen supported them because they were acted as a Robinhood.

Fortunately  the hostages treated kindly since they are same religion, pray together. What the kidnappers eat, share with the hostages too. But they drop their weight down 5 kilogram each because they ate just once a day. Some of the hostages asked to join the group due to their discipline in ritual regular praying. But they declined it.
Physically hostage was Ok but not mentally. They scare to the toe if they beheaded as a Canadian if the Company late to pay the ransom.

Government acknowledged that no ransom payment in freeing the hostages. But many political leaders said it was impossible to free them without ransom. So many Indonesia informal teams came to Sulu, South Mindanao to approach local leaders. Among the team believed paid the ransom. Impossible hijacked the coal ship and feeding the hostages for one month without ransom. Doesn't make sense at all.

Kidnap period, one month was short period of time compare to other foreigners kidnapping because Indonesian informal team approached by cultural way and respect local leaders. Many foreign hostages kidnapped more than 5 - 6 months.

The release taken place only 4 minutes then a truck taken them to a gas station in front of Sulu Governor house, Abdusakur Tan II. After took a shower, lunch and registered then immediately fly by 2 helicopter to Army base in Zamboaga city. A private jet the picked up them direct flight to Jakarta. 

After the 10 sailors realeased, another fraction or group of Abu Sayyaf kidnapped another 4 sailors. Government recently kept searching who was the group and where the hostages kidnapped. Hopefully the similar approach will follow to release them soon.

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