Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Odong odong cart
Money can't buy everything including happiness. You may drive a luxury,  BMW car alone without a smile thinking hard how to pay your loan from the Bank. Your you may travel abroad and back home exhausted without a smile.

Take a look at above picture, a motor carry 3 - 4 carts occupied 20 children and women going circling around housing compound in Indonesia, full of smiling. The cart equipped with CD player, turn folk songs loudly, the song of local, common people sing.

We may jealous to watching them in happy atmosphere wear simple, colorful shirts, don't really care about the best cars passing by. They enjoy the fresh air in the morning sun or in late evening.

The multi colors cart just drive inside house compound, not in the public road for about 30 minutes since the cart not registered in the police office but allowed to carry passenggers, just kids, house wifes and house assitants.

Odong odong copied from the cart in the amusement center and pay the ticket very cheap because the passengers are low income citizen in the corner of the city.
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