Thursday, May 5, 2016


Master plan of reclamation of 17 islands

Master plan of build up 17 new islands in Jakarta bay actually begin long time ago, since 1995 in Soeharto era. But public didn't aware that some of the islands have been built and buildings erected. Some apartments have been promoted to be sold.

Build up islands in front of Jakarta bay not solely for expanding the area for new buildings for business but also to protect Jakarta from flooding by built a huge and long high dam wall. The wall will prevent rob sea rising enter Jakarta city.

Meanwhile land's level of Jakarta city went down every year due to miss used of water well. In 2050 projected Jakarta down town would be drawn under the sea level, if Government fail to built tall and long wall in front of Jakarta beach. Government had been studied city under sea level from Rotterdam, The Netherland who managed sea level well.

After 21 years, public shocked to watching breaking news that a local Jakarta parliament member, Mr. Muhamad Sanusi and President director of a developer catched by Anti Corruption body, KPK, when hand over the bribes. The public then aware that huge corruption happened for this giant project. The private sector try to influence parliament members to set up a new regulation. The new regulation not to burden them with big costs.

landskap rencana reklamasi teluk jakarta
Jakarta bay landscape

Jakarta Government proposed 15% share of the new islands belong to the Government. But developers wanted to pushed it down to 5% only, by approaching some members of local parliament members and bribed. Recently, the corruption body, KPK still in process asking many local parliament members and the developer personnel.

The problem not only in percentage sharing of ownership between Jakarta Government and developers. Many licenses  not yet fully completed by the developers but the development went on. For instance Environment licenses and Building license. Beside many rules from the Central Government contradicted each other.

In order to synchronized many rules and due to the giant of the project (National strategic project), this project took over by Central Government under Minister of National Development Body. Jakarta Governor  no longer manage this giant project, more over this project covered another provinces, West Java and Banten provice in the West and East of Jakarta.

Nothing wrong with build up new islands in Jakarta bay as it was trend in the World. Jakarta population itself were too crowded to lived. Set up a new town in good town plan will provide more convenient place to live. The problem is that only the rich citizen could afford to buy properties there and create bigger gap between the poor in Jakarta city and exclusive rich citizen in the new island.

That was why, Jakarta Governor asked more share from the developers up to 15%, so Government could build the apartments for low income people who work in the island too. Beside build social facilities to support the new island.

In the near future, after 6 months of hold, Indonesia will offer new properties to live in modern facilities to live in convenient environment. New business opportunities open up for local citizen and foreign investment as well


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