Friday, March 18, 2016


Indonesia Stock exchange

In globalization we may link our business around the World to developing countries that economic growth still high and political situation kept stable for long period of time.
Indonesia was one among the best in Asian countries that International Monetary Fund projected that economic growth this year 2016 will reach 5 % slight lower than 2015 as 5,1%.

Recently interest rate in Government bond offered 8-9% annually higher then deposit rate in the Bank compare to Negative rate of interest in Europe countries. The right time recently and to the near future to buy Government bonds of Indonesia then unyielding in your country.

Government bond

Please call your financial advicers, brokers, consultant or talk to Indonesian embassy in your country about interest rate and any information about economic situation, politic and every things related to doing business in Indonesia.

If you plan to Invest in Indonesia, all permits will handle in a special body, Investment board that guaranteed that the permits will clear just in 3 (tree) hours. Yes, just in 3 hours begin since the new Government under President Joko Widodo and Vice Presiden Jusuf Kalla.

Enjoy the high return of you funds in Indonesia. 
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