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Ahok in uniform

Just like an elephant enter a needle's hole, Mr. Ahok or Basuki Cahaya Purnama, Chinese Indonesian became a Governor of Indonesian capital city, Jakarta. He was automatically stepped up next ladder, from Deputy Governor to Governor. after the Governor, Jokowidodo or Jokowi elected as President of Indonesia Republic in October 2014 ago.

Ahok, Deputy and Jokowi, Governor

If he try to apply for Governor position from any Party, he will never become a Governor, especially in metropolitan city,  Jakarta. The main reason is his was came from the minority, Chinese and Christian. But as a law said, if the Governor incapable, died or in jailed, the Deputy will replaced automatically. The Governor incapable of elected as President

In 2014 Mr. Jokowi from PDIP party coupled with Mr. Ahok from Gerindra party to be nominated became Governor and Deputy. And they made it. Jokowi then competed in Presidential race with Army general Subiyanto as a Head of Gerindra party where Mr Ahok belong. Then Mr. Ahok out from Gerindra party and preferred as Independent or non partisan. Gerindra party upset because Ahok, their member, betray them.

As a Jakarta Deputy Governor, he assigned to handled internal/administration duties while the Governor used to went, supervice outside the office including many projects. Mr.Ahok made drastic changes in internal organization especially in services administration and budget matter. He was often got angry to high officials, replaced every personnel not performed well or fired thief employee . We may found the You tube video in internal meeting while angry pointed his finger to the his subordinates.He always tape and record in you tube the important meeting, so no one will speak bad behind his back.

Many subordinates hate him so much since they can't do corruption any longer as their habit for long period of time. It was well known that Jakarta Governor officials were rich by wrong doing and slow in services. But under Ahok supervision as Deputy then Governor, every one who didn't performed well, corruption, long service will be replaced, jobless or fired.
Recently public appreciate the changes of personnel attitude, services and professionalism services across Jakarta city.

He made new approach in competition among officials who deserved to a good position in certain office including in 5 municipalities across Jakarta city. So the competition environment between them were high, how to serve faster without bribery. How to complete the projects on time or as soon as possible
Many high officials who couldn't follow the Governor's style, working hard and sincere, be ready to set aside and replaced by the better one. No more competition wearing high class watch or cars as used to. The wife compete too wearing expensive, trade mark, imported bags.

Another challenge were Governor relationship with local, Jakarta parliament. Since the beginning, since seated as Deputy, he always became the breaking news in Indonesia TV mostly about arguing the BUDGET who designed by both local parliament members and executives in Governor office. Governor accused the parliament by smuggling program and budget in certain programs.
Parliament back up by their parties held a massive demonstration to impeach Governor, especially Moslem party. The Deputy head of parliament was Haj Lulung from Moslem, PPP party used Front Pembela Islam, a mass organization to organized massive demonstration many times.
He never retreated or scare, face them even risk his life until the last breath for the sake of anti corruption.

He was sure to go ahead since President Jokowi knew him well, hard working and clean. He say thank to President Jokowi who made him became a Governor that impossible happened without President

TEMAN AHOK BOOTH in a Mall & marchendises  

The term will end next February 2017, many candidates from parties compete with Ahok for the next 5 years term. While Ahok recently non partisan. He approached the ruling party, PDIP party, but the head of the party, Megawati so far not gave him a good sign. So, he decided to go independent, without a party as law allowed. He made his mind convinced by a community to support him go independent. The community named were TEMAN AHOK mean Ahok friends.

It was rare and amazing that the community set up by the youngster not by Ahok not financed by him too. To finance the operation they open booth in the Shopping malls to collect ID copies and sell marchendises. The community sure could get 1.000.000 ID copies and forms from Jakarta citizen, far more then 530.000 IDs, minimum requirement to apply for Governor and Deputy. The community belong to multi background and religious citizen including Moslem too.

Not long after he decided to go independent, 2 parties, Hanura and PKB (Moslem party) announced to support him and support TEMAN AHOK community as well. The other parties not made their mind yet including the ruling party, PDIP until next Juli 2016 the dead line to apply. Might be more party will support him too.
10 months to go for election in February 2017 but the environment of competition begin by attack  the weakness of candidates

Ahok were politician too, have been a regent, local head in his home town in Bitung island, South of Singapore then as a National parliament member in Jakarta. So he knew of local parliament member attitude well who always attacked his policies in order to get privilege that they never get from Ahok.

Pointed to his staff in a meeting

One that many opponents dislike Ahok was his attitude differ from kind and soft spoke Javanese style. Ahok speak loud and clear just like street people. But youngster  love Ahok attitude, clean and anti corruption warrior. Many politician, high officials spoke kind, soft but involved in many corruption cases.  

Since Jokowi - Ahok leaded Jakarta, then saved the huge Budget from corruption, recently the budget fully spent mostly to run two mayor programs, Flooding and Traffic jam. A lot of budget spent to normalization of many rivers occupied by the houses. Now the houses demolished and the people relocated to the apartments with very low rental and distributed home appliances for free.
As the result in 2015 rainy season no more flooding as annual event in Jakarta.

Congestion and traffic jam still in progress not yet resolved. But a lot of public Bus way added. Beside mass transportation, a train underground recently under construction by Japan company. Hopefully the train would ready as soon as possible to break the traffic jam  

 The future of under ground train

Jakarta buses will replace by Scania products

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