Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Vera and Tini

A friend in need is friend indeed
The commercial debt may paid off late, but kindness of a friend was life time debt. We may help some friends in need but not hoping they pay back later direct from them but from some one else we may never met, didn't know. May God sent an angle in the form of human help us on time when we need help.

In the end of 2015 my big family of 14 members took 5 days holiday to Jogjakarta city, Central Java, Indonesia. Before leaving Jakarta, the capital, my oldest daughter, dr Vera Situmeang called her best friend, dr.Tini who lived in Magelang city, 60 - 90 minutes away in the North to asked for rental a mini bus. Tini agreed and had a friend, rent a car company. Thinking of 3 elders in my family who unable to step up the bus, Tini added up one Innova, MPV car instead. MPV car shorter then bus.

Vera said :"The bus cost will be share with my 2 siblings". Tini answered :" Don't worry Vera,  I will pay the bills. Just give the tip for 2 drivers".
When we visited tourist destination in peak season, crowded visitors, two military soldiers escorted our cars nearest to Borobudur temple, an amazing wonders in the World, prohibited parking for public cars.

Not only paid for the bus bills, Tini treated us abundantly, either much foods and drinks in her house in the afternoon, also served us dinner in Benoa restaurant in the evening, ordered too much foods and drinks. Even when we back home she presented special gifts to carry back to Jakarta.

My daughter Vera Situmeang then told the story to our group about their true friendship back 25 years ago when they studied in Medical school in Universitas Kristen Indonesia, Jakarta. Tini often spent the nights at our home and knew all my family members well. Some time Tini, original Ambon and Moslem, borrowed money from Vera. Vera monthly pocket money paid her tuition fee and treated her lunch many times. Tini wouldn't forget Vera kindness and recently the time to paid back, even we didn't expect it.

When they were in med school, Tini joined a military training especially for students done in the next building of their school and met a military trainer then became her husband.
We didn't know recently her husband were military commander in Magelang city, a Colonel. Even he was a high hierarchy in military, he always humble, treated us kindly and pay respect to us, Vera's family. I thoughtTini told story about her true friend Vera and her family who help Tini when she were in need.
This month he will join SESKO ABRI, highest training in military education. After graduated 10 months later, he automatically will promoted to be a Brigadir General, next year.

That is why, be kind and help others in need you will be blessed accordingly, not always direct by them but might be someone else you never knew, never met.

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