Sunday, November 22, 2015


People of Indonesia surprised by hidden recording of conversation between 3 high profiles in Indonesia, President Director of PT.Freeport, Mr MS,  a oil business man, R and House speaker, SN at a Hotel regarding contract extension of Gold and Copper mining of American subsidiary and Government. The recording cornered the House speaker who accused for bribery as Mining minister told media.

Public then spread this breaking news through social media even they didn't understood the real game and history of oil and gas business in Indonesia since Freeport start mining in Papua island 5 decades ago, who reserved huge contained of Gold and copper reserved.

Public then confused why the recording did by Mr. MS, Freeport President Director, a former Deputy head of Indonesia Inteligent. Mr. MS was the brother of Army general S.S, former general secretary of Defence Ministry who the Minister were former Mining minister in SBY President era.
MS try very hard how to get the contract extension but not by bribery and not by a Mr R, middle man, oil and gas business man.

3 Ministers and vice President, Jusuf Kalla made different comments to made the news questioning, which one was true and which one was false. Mr. Luhut Panjaitan, Law and politic coordinator minister blamed mining minister who handed over the recording to MKD, Parliament Honor committee to be investigated without reported to President Jokowi first.  In the recording, name of Luhut Panjaitan mentioned several times by House speaker, Setya Novanto. Mr Luhut then caught in the middle.

Vice President, Jusuf Kalla (JK) backed up Mining minister, Sudirman Said who said that Sudirman had been reported to the President Jokowi first before handed over the tape to Parliament honor committee. Sudirman was former a Director in one of JK family business who got huge contract with Freeport. Sudirman and JK family hope the contract will continue later on after the contract extention.
Sudirman had close relationship with JK family and support his name to be a mining minister a year ago.The gossip said that President Jokowi intended to replace him as mining minister, that was why he blow up the recording, who had kept since June 2015 before made in public in November 2015.

Maritime and resources minister, Rizal Ramli, the boss of Sudirman Said said something else made public more questioning, what really matter. He accused Sudirman who try hard to extend the contract as soon as possible and convince Freeport not too worry.   In the other hand, based on former Government decision, the contract extension  should be start to negotiate in 2019, 2 years before the contract expire at 2021. Why Sudirman try very hard to push the negotiation nowin 2015 or as soon as possible.

President Jokowi kept his integrity and clean since he was a Solo mayor in Central Java, 2 period of 5 years and Jakarta Government for 2 years. He always followed the rule said that contract extension will begin in 2019, 2 years before expires and at the end of his term as President, if not reelected. He kept his position to the better negotiation for Indonesia. 4 condition Freeport must follow :
1. Additional royalty and share
2. Smelter in Papua
3. Local content of goods and services
$. Papua people welfare and development.

Since Freeport operated since 5 decades ago and got a huge profit while Papua people lived in poverty and Indonesian Government got a small portion of the income, public hope that the contract should be terminated and let local corporate take over the mining operation and used the resources for Indonesia welfare.

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