Saturday, August 15, 2015


                                                  Indonesia war of independence 1945

Indonesia flag

In August 14, 1945 Japan surrendered after US drop nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki more then 200.000 civilians died. Soon Indonesian youth leaders pushed political leaders to took advantage, to proclaim Independence nation either from the Japanese occupation nor Dutch colonist government.
Exactly, August 17, 1945 Soekarno proclaimed the independence of Indonesia republic on the radio across the archipelago country and abroad. The first leaders were Soekarno as President and Moh Hatta as Vice President. A new nation was born.

Moh Hatta and Soekarno

Today, August 17, 2015 is the 70th commemoration of the end of the World war II by the nations involved, Hirosima and Nagasaki mourning and Indonesian independence day.
Japan Prime minister and Akihito commemorate and pay respect to the victims of nuclear bombs not reoccur in the future and apology to Asian nations who suffer from Japan cruelty in the war, including the pain of life time of women sex slavery for the army. The nations occupied including Indonesia, People Republic of China, South Korea etc.

It was long time, 7 decade ago but the effect of the war unforgettable by World especially by the Asian countries including Indonesia. For youth generation the Japan occupation in quite short period of time not influence to their relationship with Japanese either in business, cultures and social relationship.
But for old the generation above 50 years of ages plus the history books unable to forget how Japan barbaric behave to their ancestors. They faced the war directly or the story of thei parents who forced to labor until died. The stories were the tale to tell in bed time.

In 1973 there were big students demonstration when Prime minister Tanaka visited Jakarta to expressed their refusal of Japan products who occupied Indonesian market. P.M Tanaka couldn't go through main roads to President palace, blocked by the students. Then went fly helicopter to met President Soeharto. At that time Senen shopping mal in Central Jakarta burned and known the action as MALARI, a lot of students arrested.

After new Governments came and went, the New generation either in Japan nor in Indonesia may hand in hand in many sector of life. But one thing never been forgotten that history will never been forgotten to build a new better World. 


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