Friday, July 31, 2015


                                              Bali and West Papua election process

In order to elect local leaders across Indonesia archipelago (Governor, Regent, Mayor), National Election Commission designed a simultaneous  election in 2015 for the first time. The goal this system is more efficient either in costs or in time. The local committee will do their task only in certain time table.
Previously, for more then 5 decades, election done independently one by one region in different time table.

The schedule begin in July 2015 start with application more then 1 couple (Governor and Deputy, Mayor and Deputy, Regent and Deputy) in every level, from administrative checking, logistic preparation, campaign until election day on December 2015. To guarantee the real democracy, the candidates must be more then 1 couple. If the candidate just one couple then the election will be cancel another two years later.

The good news among other things are the possibility of coalition among many parties in order to get minimum requirement of 20% of local parliament seats beside a couple of non partisan or independent. The coalition not only among the ruling parties but also between the ruling parties and the opposition parties.

In the last Presidential election in November 2014 ago, parties divided into 2 groups,  one the ruling parties and the opposition that never met in National parliament. While in the local level, the coalition more fluid made the political climate tend to calm and peaceful, hopefully local and National development will run smooth with minimum political conflicts.


                                            Election song

Up until evening July 29,2015 total couples who had been applied were 810 candidates (in 268 Provinces, regencies, cities). 156 or 13% of the couples were non partisan and the rest 87% were of party or coalition. From 34 provinces in Indonesia there are 9 provinces that joint the election this year, among other recorded 20 couples candidate of Governors applied.
Based on the law the candidates are welcome to apply, like former prisoners or real couple of husband and wife or an artist or a looser for several elections but applied again. A lot of recent local leaders in charge also run again for the next 5 years term make the competition more tight.

In the last few years a lot of local leaders behind the bars due to corruption cases. Hopefully the new era will learn not involve in such crime, be a true leader who sacrifices for the sake of the people in the region.

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