Monday, August 17, 2015


Big smiles GOJEK drivers
In the middle of heavy traffic jam in Jakarta city, the capital of Indonesia we could take advantage a new fenomenal motor bike with on line system. You may reach the destinations faster and cheaper compare to take a taxi or public transports.

If you want to order you should buy a card in advance for minimum balance then eligible to call GOJEK company where your location are and where to go. An operator will text your mobile phone estimated the fare. Then operator will text GOJEK drivers closer to your location to pick you up.
The payment will deducted from your balance, so not necessarily any payment to the driver or bargaining. The driver would get the Bank transfer to his account for 80% share, while the rest, 20% belong to the GOJEK company.

GOJEK with a passenger

The drivers earned big income daily basis depend on their time spend, longer are better off course. They may take a rest if they exhausted or if they think, enough for that day or work again for some another few hours. The time is so flexible.
In an hour may take 2 - 3 passengers and earn about Rp 150.000 ( U$ 12). In one day might be earned about Rp 750.000 or $ 60.
GOJEK not only take passengers but also deliver the packets or letters, so this new on line system served multi functions.
The latest service is pick up packet foods from Fast food restaurant just for Rp 10.000 or less then $ 1, cheaper then delivery cost by the restaurant for Rp 17.000 or more then $ 1.

Big smiles GOJEK drivers in green

A lots of office employee in cool buildings who earn relatively small income resigned and switched became GOJEK drivers with bigger income. The taxi drivers from established company leaved their job who may take home only about Rp 150.000 a day 12 hours work and switched became GOJEK drivers. Some office workers GOJEK in the evening after office hour, earned Rp 300.000 equivalent to $ 25 just in 2 - 3 hours.

Recently crowded applications came in mostly from Conventional OJEK, independent person drivers who stay in certain location waiting for the costumers. The old way was inconvenience one by bargaining fare and less secure.

The new way GOJEK way, no bargaining and secure. The drivers behave kindly and discipline follow traffic law. If something bad happened on the way, the company system automatically connected to the police forces. Beside a new applicant should surrender a solid document to the company to be a GOJEK driver. The bike motors also checked if its standard motors not modified and not noisy.

Not only man drive the OJEK bikes, the girls and women interested to join and leaved their office works. Women drivers may earn more money then men since many men preferred them.

A women GOJEK drivers

GOJEK words came from OJEK, old way bike motor. OJEK is name for motor bike who take passengers to the destinations across Indonesia, belong to personal. 

Jakarta heavy traffic 

If you come to Jakarta city, don't worry take this new service of motor taxi just down load the program. If a driver agree to pick you up, his/her photo will show up in your phone and after you step down from the bike motor, you may text the Office of GOJEK to value their service. And you would reach your destinations safe and sound.

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