Saturday, July 25, 2015


 Suroto hold Ade Sarah pic and Elizabeth in white

In my holy bible wrote amazing verses about forgiveness. The verse asking a simple mathematical question : "How many time you forgive other ?". The answer is 7 x 77 or 539. So we have to forgive 539 times, right ?. Wrong. What's the meaning of  this parable is that we must forgive endlessly.

Another verse say almost the similar meaning, that we are forgiven by God unless we are forgave other who doing something wrong to us.
I was surprised to watched a TV news who broadcast High court verdict "Life sentence" of murdered Ade Sarah Suroto, 19 years, a student did by his former boy friend, Hafitz and his other new girl friend, a class mate of Sarah. The verdict much higher then lower, sentenced them both only 20 years.

The parent of  Ade Sarah, Suroto and Elizabeth actually welcome the verdict for 20 years and forgave the brutal crime of their only daughter. The spouse sincerely forgave the murdered based on their faith on God Almighty that not every body able to accept the cruel took life of their love one. 

The parent didn't happy to let the murderer pay their wrong doing to suffer more behind bar. They said it when they try to see the murderer in prison to gave them strength.

The duo murderers

The new girl friend

The duo murderer  invited Ade Sarah to hang out in one place to end their relation and then took her for drive around town. Inside the car her boy friend helped by his new girl friend shocked her with electric device and fill her mouth with shoe socks until stop breathing. Then throw the body in the side of the toll road.

I didn't really understand why the character of duo murderers so cruel and no passion at all to human being. How their parent rise them up in daily life, be able to end other life without thinking of the consequences. Just because of love blind and jealousy they did everythings.

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