Monday, May 11, 2015


 Susi Pujiastuti

It was the breaking news in the medias, soon after Indonesia's new Cabinet installed by President Joko Widodo, one of the Minister, a lady, to be a star since she never graduated from Senior high school. What the hell her extra ordinary achievement to be blessed, appointed as a Fishery and sea affair Minister among a lots of educated figures in society ? 


Later we know that she left the school behind and start her own business in local fishery market in remote Pangandaran, South sea of West Java to buy and sell shrimp. The shrimp business grew big and sent to the capital before exported. To keep the shrimp fresh, initially she rent a small plane to carry the shrimp directly to capital Jakarta city and to foreign markets. The times goes by, she became a well known business women in the country. So she knew all aspects of fishery in the country and who were the players.

Susi and Susi air

She then preferred to buy and manage the planes  for shrimp export purposes and set up a new air company named "SUSI AIR", a rental and schedule planes. So, before appointed as a Minister her business were in two sectors, Air plane and Fishery.

Sinking illegal fishing ship

The breaking news continue after she executed to blow up and sinking the illegal fishing ships who stolen million of dollar each year from Indonesia water and send the crew back to their origin countries for the sake of human right, not jailed in Indonesia.

In her Twitter account last Wednesday, May 13, 2015 she offered Rp 5 trilyun about US$ 400 million from illegal fishing business man to be withdrawn as a Minister or let the illegal fishing doing their old business. She didn't report this to the President yet, just singing in her Twit.

In the first 6 months seated in Cabinet, she was the one brightest performances, shine star among the few Ministers not based on her education background but on her business experiences and passion to manage her Ministry, carried break trough policies for the sake of  Indonesian people welfare.

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