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Tea plantation in Puncak, West Java

Talking about tea business, we imagine that 5 top countries who well known as exporter were Sri Lanka, People Republic of China, India, Kenya, United Kingdom.  No one  thinking of Indonesia as a producer and consumers as well.
If you get out of capital Jakarta city to the East, you will surprise to see green tea plantation in both sides of the road in the mountain area of West Java island.

Factory building

Tea was daily consumption for 250 millions population of Indonesia, tree time a day in breakfast, lunch , dinner plus tea time late afternoon or tea for guests with various of qualities.
Beside, many other tea products in the market compete to get costumers share like tea bottle, tea bag, tea in the box.
Demand for tea more then coffee in Indonesia even no tea shops available but coffee shops who serve tea as well. So huge tea consumption in Indonesia make tea business promising but this business were Capital intensive, either the area of plantation and factories investment. That was why only selected experiences corporate can afford to finance tea business.
Tea time Indonesian

Tea machinery

Big capital investment require for Fix Assets such buildings, machines, land for plantation and Working capital who requires long turn over, from cutting, processing, storage until payment.
For Investors from USA, Europe, Russia or around the World could take the opportunity to deal with tea business in Indonesia by Direct Investment or by sharing with local corporates who looking for foreign capital or Investors.

Investment opportunities in Indonesia recently under the new Government  wide open through single body, Coordinating Board Investment. To get the permits/licence, only through single door. If any trouble to get the permit, we may call Joko Widodo, the President of Indonesia

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