Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Papua island is one among the big islands in Indonesia Republic beside Kalimantan/Borneo and Sumatera island. This island is in the East region, bordered with Papua New Guinea country, far from Jakarta capital city and less develop compare to the West region like Java, Bali and Sumatera island. Due to the size of the island, recently Papua extended became 2 provinces, West Papua and Papua.

The origin population

This big island abundant of unexploited minerals but less and uneducated population. They felt abandoned by the central Government in Jakarta, then sometime a small group of separatism warring the army and erected their own flag "Bintang Kejora" in certain locations including in Jayapura city, the capital. Before going strong, Government army chased them into the mountain. The former Government then restricted the island from international media publication for security reason.

One of the biggest gold mining in the World located in Papua,  PT. Freeport Indonesia, a company whose share holder mostly belong to Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.(US). Freeport Indonesia  had been run the mining in two locations in Papua,  Erstberg (1967) and Grasberg (1988), at Tembaga Pura, Mimika. Imagine how rich this island was but inhibited by poor and less educated population

Freeport mining

Since the new Government under President Joko Widodo, central Government paid special attention and special programs to push development in this big island. In 7 months in power, President visited this island twice, once in last Christmas 2014 and then in May 2015.  Since then the new Government decided to welcome International media to cover this island.

By international media coverage, let the World and Corporates see the opportunities wide open to Invest in this jungle to explore abundant mining raw materials, logging and other business. Not mentioned the Government and Parliament of Indonesia wake up and ready to read comments from International media for the sake of Papua especially and Indonesia welfare in general.

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