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Benjina in Aru island map

In modern life we may see the slavery in fishing sector especially in remote Aru islands, under Maluku or Moluccas province, Indonesia, located so remote in South of Papua island, undetected by local Government but disclosed by International media coverage.
Then Central Government in Jakarta rush to checked it out directly to the island. After visited the remote island, authorities find out the big ships and abundant fish catching, shelters including jail and the cemetery compound especially for slaves.

Cemetry  of slaves

The island isolated, far away, no regular mode of public transport to the island but by a special charter plane. Took 12 hours sail from Tual town, capital of Aru islands to Benjina island. That was why authorities in the capital Jakarta has no information of the slavery, human trafficking and illegal fishing. They only knew a legal big foreign fishing company operated in that area since 2017. The company, PT Pusaka Benjina Resources, belong to Thailand. Then the new Minister Mrs. Puji Astuti decided to prohibit the company to operate in Inonesian water.

Myanmar crew jail in Benjina island

After through investigation, find out that the company bribed a lots of local authorities related to the fishing. The amount of bribes just a tiny parts compare to the huge amount of fishing stolen annually. Later a local official of fishery affair who on duty to the capital Jakarta, murdered in his hotel by someone, many thought related to illegal fishing in Benjina island. Police now under investigation.

Abundant fish

The crew informed that their income paid far below what the promised in Thailand. They promised 9.000 bath equivalent to Rupiah 3.5 million per month, but they got just Rupiah 1,2 million. The rest promised after contract is over. Working hours more then normal, 12 hours a day. Some workers kick or tied up if doing something wrong.

Slavery ship crews

Total number of ship crews were Thailand origin want to going back 419 person among 612 crews. They waiting for respond from Thai government. According to International Organization Migration, they facilitated 58 Cambodian, 253 Myanmar, the first group of former PT. Pusaka Benjina Resources crews return to their countries.  Beside, there are 42 Thailand senior citizen crews and under ages took to the hospital in Tual town to get health care.

Tual, capital of Aru islands

Above portrait of human trafficking as the result of unemployment in their origin countries and for Indonesian as well who seeking migrant job abroad.

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