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Gate to Timor Leste a Matoangin

Timor island divided into two parts. West part is ENT (East Nusa Tenggara) province, Indonesia. While in the East part is a new independence country, Timor Leste, long time under Portuguese colony. Before independence, joined Indonesia for 25 years as a province. After referendum under United Nation then preferred to free became a new country.

Timor Leste girls

West Timor girls

The people of Timor  island was one ancestor, Melanesian group, dark skin, curling hair  and speak one language called Tetun. Since close interrelation, got married each  other and visit regularly through mouse road without the border signs. So they were, they are, they will be a family even after set up immigration gate at the border in Matoangin.

West Timor, Indonesia and East Timor or Timor Leste

The closer town in the West Timor is Atambua with sea port at Attapupu in the West coast who visited regularly by ships from Surabaya city, East Java carry goods for Atambua region needs and Timor Leste close by as well. It will be more convenience then go to Dily city, capital of Timor Leste far away I the Nort. So they came in to Atambua town regularly for business and for family visits too.

Atambua town

Timor Leste country is relatively very small, if manage professional like Singapore without natural resources could develop more then ENT Province in the West and would elevate people welfare, some of it would consume in the West island or share with their families. As the result, would create peaceful relationship between families and between the countries as well, forget pain endured in war period.

Dilly city port

Some people origin of East Timor who preferred joint Indonesia in referendum now settle in a special compound in the ENT province some time visit their origin land and families in the East who preferred to be Timor Leste citizen. The relationship between the families will strengtenth ties between the two countries 
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