Tuesday, May 19, 2015


In a special health post in North Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia

Many Bangladesh people and Moslem Rohingnya tribes descendant of Bangladesh left their home town and trapped in human trafficking. Originally the agent promised to provide jobs in Malaysia or aim to sail to Australia but finally stranded in the sea shortage of foods and water.
Until last week, May 16, 20015 total landed in North Aceh, North Sumatra island reach 1.364 people.

Rohingnya boat

Some overloaded boats try to land in Langkawi, Malaysia tourist destination or in Thailand shore. But those countries authorities not welcome and forced them sail away after provided some foods and water. After stranded few days in Malaka strait, they faced shortage of foods and water made some of them dehydrated, staving and fall sick. Then found by Aceh fisherman boat and reported to the authority.

Feeding rescued Bangladesh and Rohingnya

Aceh authorities took the boat to the port in North Aceh, Indonesia gave the foods and shelter in a sport hall, take care of the sick. Even set up a special health post to checked every single person, gave medicine and some hospitalized. As the good Moslem,  Local authorities took care of them as they experienced helped by International countries in when Tsunami hit the region in 2004 ago.

Temporary shelter in North Aceh

UNHCR Public relation, Mitra Sentana on Monday, May 18, 2015 in Aceh said :" Rohingnya from Myanmar who landed in North Aceh were asylum seekers and need International help". While Bangladesh people were not asylum seekers but job seekers. 252 Bangladesh origin will send back home. Bangladesh ambassador guarantee that they are will send back soon.

Bangladesh bordered with Myanmar

Indonesia had been took care of them more then more then their obligation, said Mrs Retno Marudi, Indonesia Foreign Minister. While Myanmar Information Minister rejected to take responsibility to Muslim Rohingnya came from Myanmar soil. We didn't involved in Myanmar internal politic what are the reason why the flee from Myanmar. Myanmar government intend try very hard  involvement of regional countries.        
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