Sunday, May 10, 2015


Death penalty for drug dealers got so many criticisms from foreign countries but Indonesian Government kept their verdicts to executed 8 among 10 that had been sentenced at 00 hour, Tuesday, April 28, 2015. The sentences  carried over from previous Government under President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and then executed by new Government under Presiden Joko Widodo.
Nine are foreigners and one is Indonesian. While French victims were canceled waiting for a new law suit to the High court.

A Philippino canceled a minute before executed at 00 hour, due to last minute request came from Philippines Government related to a human trafficking in the process recently in the Philipines. But court death penalty not deleted, just canceled for some time.

The sharpest critics  came from West countries like Australia P.M Tony Abbott and Foreign minister Julie Bishop, French President Francois Hollande and Brazil President, Dilma Rousseff. It was made sense and understandable if they defended their citizen rely on their own law and conveyed the protests from the public for political reason who voted for them to be President or Prime Minister. Australian withdrawn their Ambassador for consultation while Argentine cancelled the credential letter of Indonesia new Ambassador to Argentine. French stated would review the cooperation with Indonesian in G20 agreement.

Indonesian President refused to give the clemency and executed as courts decision according to Indonesian law and the massiveness of narcotic transactions in the last few years. Indonesian politician as well as public supported what President's decision not to forgive for death sentences victims due to toll death of narcotic users in the country. Not less the 1.800 productive citizen died a year cause by narcotic used. Not mentioned in rehabilitation centers.

A lots of drug dealers never  stop run their business from behind the bar, bribed the jail's personnel to smuggled in the drug and communication gadgets to manage their International networks around the World

If protesters intend to know what look like to be a drug abuse victims, try to visit rehabilitation centers and see how many victims lived as living corpses.We can't imagine how sad to see patients of rehabilitation crying, dying hopelessly. How parents and families burden to see the love ones lying helpless and waiting the end of life. Now Indonesia declare in "Drug crisis" stage.

In rehab center

Our close neighbor countries  in the North, Malaysia and Singapore also executed to death for drug trafficking as well made those countries relatively clean. So drug dealers avoid to enter that countries and preferred Indonesia with 250 million citizen, prospective market in the World. So by the death penalty, drug dealers think twice to enter Indonesia or  at least to decrease the huge amount of drugs sale the years to come.

Firing taken place at a prison island, Nusakambangan, half an hour to reach the island, South of Cilacap town, Central Java. A lots of prison building available there including a special building for drug related.

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