Sunday, May 10, 2015


Blow up illegal fish ships

Indonesia archipelago consist of thousand islands, the 2nd longest sea shore in the World after USA with abundant kind of fishes and maybe one of  your menu in the top restaurant in the big cities came from Indonesia but exported by other countries. Unfortunately, some of them were stolen by foreign boats who entered Indonesia's water illegally. This practices run for decades before recent new Government under Joko Widodo.

Minister Puji Astuti

After the new Cabinet members appointed, in early 2015, Mrs Susi Pujiastuti, Marine affair and Fishery Minister warned foreign fishermen and the ambassadors related as well not to enter Indonesia's water without permission or would blow be up the boats. Many boats caught up by patrol ships and took to the court. After found guilty then blow up the boats. The crews send back to their origin countries not even jailed in Indonesia."Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing is a serious matter and not only is the enemy of Indonesia but also the world. Therefore, all countries agree that it should be eradicated completely," Susi said

Firing illegal fishing ship

According to the Ministry, until Augudtus 2013, total boat caught were 58 units, 11 belong to Malaysia, 7 The Philippines, 17 Vietnam and 4 Thailand. President commanded to blow up the boats based on Indonesia law No 45 year 2009.
Therefore, harsh measures must be adopted by the government, such as detonating and sinking foreign fishing vessels trespassing and poaching Indonesian waters, Minister Susi said.

Foreign ship crew

To make sure that the new Government could seriously to eradicting the illegal fishing, Navy will grant ten ships, the Fisheries and Maritime Ministry will loan three to five vessels and the Maritime Coordinating Ministry intends to send four vessels. We hope that in the next five years we have about 50 to 60 ships," Mamahit, Bakamla head said. Bakamla is a body to coordinate the sea security.

On Wednesday, May 20, 2015I Navy sinking another 41 illegal fishing ships across the country in  different locations in the same time.

It was unjustice to see Indonesian poor fishermen for decades while foreign ships stolen billion of $ to store up their account from Indonesia's water territory. 

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