Wednesday, June 11, 2014


 jokowi - prabowo
Jokowi (left) vs Prabowo (right)


On June 9,2014 at 8 - 10.30 pm, most Indonesian public gather in front of TV eager to watching rare, interesting event, the 1st debate of  two couples of President/Vice President candidates before election day, Juli 9, 2014.

Prabowo Subiyanto - Hatta Rajasa, No. 1

The 1st candidate are Prabowo Subiyanto, former army General of special forces and Hatta Rajasa, former Economic coordinator Minister, in law of current President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.
The 2nd are Joko Widodo or Jokowi, former Jakarta capital Governor and Jusuf Kalla, former Vice President 2004 -2009.

Joko Widodo - Jusuf Kalla (No.2)
From Vision and Mission point of view both not too differ much in nice words to hear, but in elaboration Prabowo said that democratic was a tool to improve citizen welfare not desctructive democtic. Democratic devinition of Jokowi are talk and hear what people said when we visited them directly regular basis.

Prabowo Subiyanto in full confidence but had no experiences in Government environment but back up by experiences Hatta Rajasa, former minister more then a decade but in this debate get less opportunities to speak up to challenge the opponent.

In the other hand, Jokowi in full confidence also speak up fluently and half of the time share with Jusuf Kalla, who experiences as Vice President and Minister to back up or add information needed.

Talking about the corruption both confince the nation would combat very hard by strengthen the institutions related. Prabowo - Hatta say it normative but his opponent say would set up the new system by take advantage of IT in all apects of public services and control system.

Both sides claim that the coalition parties may not dictate the couple to fill in Ministerial and strategic position in order to pay them as a member of a coalition. Couple No. 1 consist of big parties, while No.2 are slimmer. Jokowi take advantage to tell the audiences and the Nation that every member of their coalition agree not to ask special position in the new Government.

Both couple actually are a good mixing of less knowlege and experiences one to complete each other either in National or International matters. Supporters of both sides can't blame one side just experience in Battallyon army and Provincial matters only.

When couple No.2 asking couple No.1 about old Human right violation, Prabowo tension rise and in a little bit emotion clarify that he did everything for the sake of innocent citizen who in danger from bombs treats of activists some time in May 1998 riot in the capital city, Jakarta and as a soldier he evalued by his Commandant. Jusuf Kalla is the one who rise this  sensitive question. People appreciated clarification by Prabowo.

At closing segment both candidates urge the Nation to take time to think vote for them. Jokowi again shoot the weakness of Prabowo by say thank you to his wife and children and also Jusuf Kalla's families in the audience seats to support both of the couple No.2. In the other hand Prabowo - Hatta don't mention at all their families who attend the debate.

For this 1st debate scores creditted to Jokowi - Jusuf Kalla. We can't wait the next 4 debates to come, who would winning the scores and more importantly is the Nation have the opportunities to preffer the one who performe better, especailly the swing voters not yet decided.

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