Monday, June 9, 2014


                            Horse racing @Sumba island
As long as we live, competition is always come along in our environment either as a professional, running own bussiness nor in social communities. And we always try hard to be on the top.

Competition environment felt since enter primary school, we urged to learn hard in order to be the best or at least at the top ten among the class mate. The best may take advantage of scholarship to lighten parent's burden.

                     Stacker @ Jakarta sea port

Then enter work world, we begin compete by measure the performance among Staffs level. Boss pay attention to the Staff who solved the problems faster, who drafting the new ideas and be the 1st priority to be promoted to a higher position. So, we should realize that if we are not   promoted for certain time we compare ourself with the other peer, what are our weakness.

Spirit of competition more fierce in a higher position level, managers level, General manager up until the Board member. Who are able to share bigger contribution to the organization, have management skill to manage its responsibility.

When I was a Bank branch manager in East of Bali island, Indonesia, I was the one selected from more a dozen of managers in the region to send to Banking training in the Philippines. Then promoted to big city in Central Java also as Bank branch manager.
After 3 years, the branch developed to the best tree among 25 branches in Central Java. And again promoted to the branch manager in the capital city of East Java, Surabaya.

Running own  business facing more fierce competition and more burden in our shoulder who workers rely on our capability to run bussines eficiently and profitable.

When I running my own bussines in Tanjungpriok port, rental heavy equipments around the clock, 24 hours compete with other big companies. How hard to maintenance the machine eficiently in order to facing other competitor serving Ships come and out of the port any time.

Whatever our profesion, kind of bussines and organization, we do it professinoally with passionate in order to win the competition among the peer and among the similar bussines sector.
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