Thursday, June 5, 2014


      Me and Setiyoso, Bank BCA Comissary

Basic principle in  management theory are many functions from planning, organizing, leading, including controle function. Management function may not function well, couldn't find any irregularities, but the organization had a special unit to do the audit on details to make sure that SOP followed accordingly.

                     With Suwignyo, Bank BCA Director

In every unit of organization, had a SOP (System Operation procedure) to be followed by all personnels. Manager make sure the SOP understandable and followed. His function is to supervise any irregularities and to solve it before auditor find it out.  

Many Corporates and companies relied upon the control's function of management or every unit head to follow the rules. If the auditors come to do their duties may found administrative errors but not the principle and big things such as corruption.
Whatever the best performance we did in bussines but if any discrepancies or principle things out of SOP, finally your superior would hold your promotion because the controle function is not function well.

My experiences as Bank branch manager, most of the time spend controlling administrative transactions. But I never forget to visit costumer's bussines to know the reason not to pay on time. Also visit many Bank sub branches in a small towns to check administrative and services.

When I set up my own bussiness in rental hard wares in Jakarta port, regularly I went to the harbor, some time after midnight or dawn before sun rise. So the workers always aware that as an owner I may come there any time.

Me as the head of Church auditor meeting
In social life in Church operation too, I switch from manual system to Computerization, so the controle build in the SOP when serving the conggregation. Every transaction back up by a copy of receipt either payment nor save transaction.

Whatever the organization we run, pay serious attention to controle function  beside another functions of Management as well.
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