Saturday, May 31, 2014


                 In Banking seminar @ Manila

In a Corporate or in the developing countries, every personnel hired, based on their skill, experiences and education background. But in a family own company or in under develop countries, every personnel ajust them self to what job they were assigned, beyond skill, education and experiences. In some cases we shouldn't stick to office hours, 8 to 5 but working late without extra payment. If necessary we take our assignment back home.

                      In church communities

If we love our job and be united our soul with all details of environment related, be sure our superiors will pay special attention to our performance and rewarded or promoted us accordingly. Beside, if we are trustworthy, then our boss will delegated greater responsibility to our shoulder.

When I was very young, 28, assigned as a rubber factory manager, my subordinates were 5 managers, 2 in their 50s and 3 above 30s. My background was graduated in Banking, nothing to do with laboratory, technical aspects. But I was involved in details of the production process how to mixing chemicals, how to ajust automatic drying process, calculated all costs, then finally succed to produce export quality goods.

Then when I switch my professional to Banking industry, once I was assigned as IT manager to lead many programmers and technicians. At the beginning I was blind how to operate Personal computer or Laptop. But my main task is how to start the project from the scratch including the software, pilot projects and finally install 1.200 unit across archipelago of Indonesia in 3 years time.

I made a mental switch from a true Banker to be a IT manager. I spend my time fully to learn everything related to IT, join the seminar in the country and abroad. Besides, I set up a Workshop for testing and repairing computers and related, back up by modern facilities to support the work.

Love and passion not only in the professional environment. In social communities we may share our ability to provide excellence services. In church services, as an elder, my capability in IT and in Finance may help to secure financial aspect of the congregation. The old manual system of accounting switch to computerization, so no more leaking in financial administration.

Love and passion of what we are doing absolutely will move us to a higher position in our professional job nor in social communities.
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